Lottoland Review


Lottoland Review

The following is an in-depth review of the online lottery service Lottoland. This Lottoland review covers the history, features, interface, upsides and downsides of the service. The focus is on the Australian-licenced part of the global Lottoland website.

This Lottoland review is part of our comprehensive Bookmaker Reviews section. The Betting Agencies page provides information and reviews for other sports betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. The following details are updated periodically to keep them up to date.

What is Lottoland?

Lottoland is a Gibraltar-based company that lets you bet on the outcome of overseas lotteries from around the world. Some of it’s headline overseas offerings are the US Powerball, with jackpots that can exceed $1 billion, and the Euromillions, with jackpots that can exceed $100 million.

Lottoland is not a lottery agency, however. It instead operates like a bookmaker, taking bets on the outcomes, so that when you hit the winning numbers it is Lottoland that pays you out directly rather than the underlying lottery agency. Lottoland purchases insurance policies to ensure that it can payout in the event that a member wins a jackpot.2

Lottoland History, Location and Licence

The parent company, Lottoland Limited, is based in Gibraltar and was established in May, 2013. The Australian website was launched in 2015 and is operated by Lottoland Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 14 602 590 429).

The Australian service is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. Lottoland has a Northern Territory office at 3/18 Bishop Street, Woolner NT 0820 and registered office at Suite 501, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.4

Australian members are unable to participate in Instant Win Games operated by the EU Lotto due to The Interactive Gambling Act (2001)3. All members must be at least 18 years old. This service is not available to residents of South Australia.

Lotteries Available

Since November 2017, Australian lotteries are no longer offered.

The international lotteries include: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, PowerBall, German Lotto, Spiel77, Super6, GlücksSpirale, UK Lotto, Irish Lotto, Austrian Lotto, Austrian Joker, Mega-Sena, MEGA 2016, MINI, Polish Lotto, Swedish Lotto, Swedish Joker, Drömvinsten, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo Primitiva, French Lotto, German Keno, Plus5, MULTI, MULTI Plus, Christmas Lottery, Summer Lottery, El Niño, KeNow, Cash4Life, Mark Six and Quina.

Services and Features

New member offers View the Promotions section to see current sign up offers (excludes VIC, NSW, SA and WA)
Deposit options Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, POLi1, BPAY, Paysafecard, bank transfer (to an Australian bank account). For each bank deposit over $150, Lottoland will credit you a top-up bonus of 3%.
Withdrawal options Bank transfer
Transaction fees Credit card deposits may be subjected to a ‘cash advance’ fee by your bank for transactions made on Lottoland, since they are classified as gambling transactions. Policies vary from bank to bank.

For large winnings, Lottoland may charge the fees for the bank transfer.

Currencies AUD (for the website)
Languages English (for the website)
Minimum withdrawal restrictions None
Maximum bet/payout The total of all Winnings payable by EU Lotto for the highest Prize Category for a certain draw must never exceed the numbers as set out below. If it the numbers are exceeded, Winnings are divided among the winners:
German Keno: 5.000.000,00 EUR
GlücksSpirale: Monthly payments of 35,000.00 EUR or 4,020,000.00 EUR as the sum of all future monthly payments.
MULTI: 10.000.000,00 PLN
Polish Lotto+: 10.000.000,00 PLN
Spiel77: 10.000.000,00 EUR
Super6: 1.000.000,00 EUR
Forbidden Jurisdictions At the time of writing, the United States, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen
Mobile betting Apple and Android apps are available
Identity checks Lottoland is required to perform identification checks on all players within 90 days of registration and/or before any winnings can be withdrawn. One of the following must be supplied: Passport, Driving Licence, ID Card, Proof of Age Card. You can upload a scanned copy of the document on the website or you can email the scanned image to Lottoland support.
Dormant account fees None that we’re aware of
Support Email (, online form


Website Interface

Lottoland navigation

The Lottoland website is easy to navigate, with links to the various lotteries provided in a horizontal drop-down menu at the top of the page. They are separated into three categories: International Lottos, US Power and Mega. Each lottery is listed in the menu with its current jackpot amount listed in Australian dollars. The menu also lists the next draw date for each lottery along with links to purchase “Quickie” tickets.

Lottoland interface

The number picking process resembles a printed entry form, with the numbers listed in a grid. You can click on the magician wand icon to auto-pick numbers or you can manually select them yourself. A “+Rest” button is available that automatically fills in every available grid when selected.

Lottoland entry form

If you pick more than the accepted quantity of numbers for one game, Lottoland will automatically create a system bet to accommodate every combination of the numbers chosen. For example, for a lottery where you select six numbers, if you pick seven the website will create a system bet consisting of seven entries to cover the seven combinations of six numbers. If you select eight numbers then 28 bets will be generated, and so on. The stake is automatically calculated below the entry form so you can see how much your entries will cost.


Website Features

Some of the many features on the website include:


When DoubleJackpot is selected you will win double the jackpot of the underlying lottery if you win Division 1. For example, if the jackpot for Powerball is $30 million, you would have the opportunity to win $60 million. For all lower division prizes the payouts remain the same, only for the highest division is the prize money doubled.

Except during promotional periods, activating this feature doubles the purchase price of each ticket.


For some Lotteries a NumberShield feature is available. This enables you to win the maximum jackpot all by yourself. From what we’ve observed, activating the feature increases the ticket price by 50%. If you activate this feature you will win the entire jackpot in division 1, even if other players chose the same numbers. Only one player can select the NumberShield feature for any specific set of numbers. If another player has already shielded a specific set of numbers no other player will be able to shield the same numbers for that draw.

NumberShield can be chosen for a particular game field or for a complete bet slip. NumberShield and DoubleJackpot cannot be selected on the same betting slip.

Place Bet When

The Place Bet When option allows you to set up a repeated entries in a lottery only when the jackpot is above or higher than an amount you specify. So if you choose $7 million, you will only be entered into the draw when the jackpot is at least $7 million.

Payout Rules

The following excerpts are from the website’s terms and conditions:

Payout of Prizes in MegaMillions and (US) PowerBall

As is common with MUSL Mega Millions and Powerball, EU Lotto may also pay out the Winnings in Prize Category 1 over 30 years (the “Annuity Option”). If EU Lotto chooses the Annuity Option, the first payment will be made as soon as possible after the draw, with the next 29 payments at one-year intervals. The level of payments is calculated such that the payments rise by the percentage set by MUSL from year to year until the full sum has been paid out. If EU Lotto chooses the option to pay out Winnings in one lump sum (“Cash Option”), the Winnings after withholdings are discounted, as it is done in MUSL Mega Millions and Powerball. The discount rate is 40%, i.e. the lump sum is 60% of the Annuity Option value. It is in EU Lotto’s discretion to choose the payout plan.

Australian Players only

If the annuity option is chosen by the Player, Lottoland will set up a single premium immediate annuity plan with an asset manager and the Winner as account holder and beneficiary.

Payout of Prizes in Mon & Wed Lotto and Sat Lotto

If the sum of the number of Underlying Lottery Winning Tickets in a Type A Prize Category and the number of EU Lotto Winning Bets in that Prize Category is not higher than four, the Winnings to be paid out in respect of each EU Lotto Winning Bet in the Type A Prize Category shall be 1,000,000.00 AUD.

If the sum of the number of Underlying Lottery Winning Tickets in a Type A Prize Category and the number of EU Lotto Winning Bets in that Prize Category is higher than four, the regulations in section 11.2 apply.

11.2. Winnings in a Type A Prize Category

The Winnings payable in respect of each EU Lotto Winning Bet in a Type A Prize Category will depend on the number of the Underlying Lottery Winning Tickets in that Prize Category, the number of EU Lotto Winning Bets in that Prize Category, the payable Prize by the Underlying Lottery Operator for the Underlying Lottery Winning Tickets in that Prize Category as well as the Underlying Lottery Jackpot in that Prize Category.

EU Lotto calculates the Winnings in a Type A Prize Category on the basis of the amount of aggregate stakes published by the Underlying Lottery Operator as well as the distribution to that Jackpot Prize Category or on the basis of the jackpot published on the Website of the Underlying Lottery Operator for that Prize Category of the relevant draw of the Underlying Lottery.

Withholdings for Prizes in MegaMillions and PowerBall

EU Lotto retains 35% withholdings of prizes in the highest two prize categories because it is intended to put the Player in similar economic position as if they had played the underlying lottery.


  • Licensed in Australia with an Australian office
  • Provides access to the major international jackpot lotteries
  • Good range of deposit options including POLi1
  • No minimum withdrawal restrictions
  • Excellent range of features
  • Can set deposit limits and self-exclusion


  • The service is not available to residents of South Australia
  • No support phone number

Lottoland Review Conclusions

Fans of the mega international lotteries should definitely give Lottoland a look because the service is feature-rich and competitively priced.

Notes and Sources


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