Neds Review


Neds review

The following is an in-depth review of the bookmaker Neds. This review covers the history, features, interface, sports & racing markets, upsides and downsides of the service.

This review is part of our comprehensive Bookmaker Reviews section. The Betting Agencies page provides information and reviews for other sports betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. The following details are updated periodically to keep them up to date.

History, Location and Licence

Launched in late 2017, Neds is Northern Territory licensed bookmaker.

It was founded by well-known bookmaker Dean Shannon. Shanon is the former chief executive of Ladbrokes Australia and the founder of, which he sold to Ladbrokes in 2013.2

The website has been launched in Australia but has global ambitions with a planned launch in the UK in 2018 followed by other countries. According to the AFR, “Neds is understood to be building its technology platform using Goland, the computer programming language first developed at Google in 2007 for its ability to deal with high volumes of queries and transactions.”2

It is reported that Neds will offer online lotteries at some point in addition to bookmaking.3

In November 2018 Neds was sold to Ladbrokes. In April 2019 parent company Ladbrokes changed its name from Ladbrokes Digital Australia Pty Ltd to GVC Australia Pty Ltd with ABN 25 151 956 768.1

Services and Features

Deposit options Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, POLi 5, BPAY
Withdrawal options Bank transfer
Transaction fees None that we’re aware of
Currencies AUD
Languages English
Odds formats Decimal
Minimum deposit $5
Minimum bet The terms and conditions state that the minimum online stake is $0.50, however we were able to place bets with stakes as low as $0.01. Neds reserves the right to enforce a minimum $20.00 stake for phone bets.
Maximum bets & payouts The maximum accepted odds for multis is 10,000.00. The maximum payout for any multi or single bet is $200,000. The maximum total combined payout over a 24 hour period for one member is $500,000. The maximum number of legs for multis are 16 legs for racing and 20 legs for sports.

Where the collect on any race (thoroughbred, harness or greyhound) is greater than $10,000 Neds reserves the right to delay payment whilst the circumstances that led to the horse or greyhound being declared the winner are investigated.

Where the collect on any winner in any race is greater than $10,000, and it is established that the winner was the subject of artificial manipulation of totalizator odds, NEDS reserves the right to cap
payment of winnings at $10,000. NEDS may refund the remainder of the customer’s original Bet.

Unless stated otherwise offered or agreed to by NEDS, the maximum stake for a single Bets placed in conjunction with the Price Boost Feature is $2,000, and the maximum stake for a multi-Bets placed in conjunction with the Price Boost Feature is $2,000.

Maximum Payouts on individual races:
Australian Horse Racing (Gallops):
Win and Place: Metro Venues = $300,000, Non-Metro Venues = $150,000
Quinella: Metro Venues = $200,000, Non-Metro Venues = $50,000
Exacta: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $30,000
Trifecta: Metro Venues = $200,000, Non-Metro Venues = $50,000
First Four: Metro Venues = $200,000, Non-Metro Venues = $50,000
Daily Double: Metro Venues = $20,000, Non-Metro Venues = $5,000
Treble: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $20,000
Quaddie: Metro Venues = $300,000, Non-Metro Venues = $100,000
Super 6: Metro Venues = $300,000, Non-Metro Venues = $100,000
Betting Without: Metro Venues = $50,000, Non-Metro venues= $25,000
Odds/Evens: Metro Venues = $50,000, Non-Metro venues= $25,000
Head to Head: Metro Venues = $20,000, Non-Metro venues= $10,000
Jockey Challenge: Metro Venues = $30,000, Non-Metro venues= $15,000
Early Quaddie: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $25,000
Fixed Odds Quinella: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $25,000
Fixed Odds Exacta: Metro Venues = $50,000, Non-Metro Venues = $10,000
Fixed Odds Trifecta: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $25,000
Back the Field: Metro Venues $20,000, Non-Metro Venues $10,000
Fixed Odds Quinella: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $25,000
Fixed Odds Exacta: Metro Venues = $50,000, Non-Metro Venues = $10,000
Fixed Odds Trifecta: Metro Venues = $100,000, Non-Metro Venues = $25,000
A Metro Venue is defined as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
Australian Harness Racing:
Win and Place = $100,000
Quinella = $20,000
Exacta = $10,000
Trifecta = $20,000
First Four = $10,000
Treble = $5000
Daily Double = $5000
Running Double = $5000
Quaddie = $20,000
MultiBets = $20,000
Betting Without = $20,000
Odds/Evens = $10,000
Head to Head = $10,000
Super 6 = $30,000
Running Doubles = $5000
Early Quaddie = $10,000
Fixed Odds Quinella = $10,000
Fixed Odds Exacta = $5,000
Fixed Odds Trifecta = $10,000
Australian Greyhound Racing:
Win and Place = $100,000
Quinella = $10,000
Exacta = $5,000
Trifecta = $10,000
First Four = $10,000
Treble = $5000
Daily Double = $5000
Running Double = $5000
Quaddie = $20,000
MultiBets = $20,000
Betting Without = $20,000
Insure 2 = $10,000
Insure 3 = $10,000
Odds/Evens = $10,000
Head to Head = $10,000
Super 6 = $30,000
Running Doubles = $5,000
Early Quaddie = $10,000
Fixed Odds Quinella = $10,000
Fixed Odds Exacta = $5,000
Fixed Odds Trifecta = $10,000
Hong Kong and Singapore Horse Racing (Gallops):
Win = $50,000
Place = $25,000
Quinella = $10,000
Exacta = $10,000
Trifecta = $10,000
First Four = $10,000
United Kingdom and Irish Horse Racing (Gallops):
Win = $25,000
Place = $25,000
Quinella = $10,000
Exacta = $10,000
Trifecta = $10,000
First Four = $10,000
All Other Racing (Gallops, Harness and Greyhound):
Win = $15,000
Place = $5,000
Quinella = $3,000
Exacta = $3,000
Trifecta = $5,000
First Four = $5,000

Deposit turnover requirements 1x
Bonus bet turnover requirements 1x. This must be done within 90 days. Bets placed on different outcomes in the same event do not count.
Bookmaker margin Neds was not included in our most recent bookmaker margin survey
Quantity of markets Neds was not included in our most recent bookmaker markets survey
Credit facilities None that we’re aware of
Forbidden Jurisdictions We’re not sure. The terms and conditions state provisions for the verification of identity for overseas members, so it appears Neds does accept customers from outside Australia.
Mobile betting Android and iPhone Apps are available. The website uses a responsive design that will tailor the layout to the screen size of the device you’re using.
Identity checks Neds will attempt to verify your identify electronically using Equifax’s IDMatrix when you open an account. This electronic verification is only available to Australian citizens and residents. If Neds does request that you verify your ID, you will have 45 days to do so. This can be done online: Go to ‘My Account’, then ‘Verification Centre’. Here you are able to verify your Identity along with your Debit and Credit Cards. If you were unable to verify yourself electronically or are an international client, you will be asked to send in certified identification documents.
Dormant account fees None that we’re aware of
Support Live chat, online form, phone (1300 number) – 8 AM to 6 PM for customer support and 7 AM to 11 PM for live betting


Sports Markets

Neds offers markets on a broad range of sports and leagues. For example, at the time of writing we observed markets for domestic football leagues in 47 countries, including the likes of Oman and Indonesia. For England, markets are offered for the football league (top four divisions), but not conference level fixtures.

In terms of the range of markets per fixture, the quantity is competitive but not class leading. Example market numbers for upcoming England football fixtures are 50 for the EPL & Championship, 46 for League 1 and 38 for League 2. Other examples are 50 markets per A-League fixture, 12 for the NBL, 16 for the NFL, 13 for ATP & WTA circuit events and 9 markets per NZ domestic rugby fixtures.

As with all bookmakers, we recommend you browse the market offerings before signing up to see if they meet your needs.

Betting Interface and Website Layout

Neds sports markets display

As is becoming the norm, Neds website uses a responsive web template that tailors the display to suit the screen size of your device. You will either see one, two or three columns depending on the screen and whether the betslip is displayed. This review will focus on the layout that is displayed on laptops and PCs.

The three-column layout displays site navigation and popular sports on the left, markets and odds in the centre and the betting slip on the right. The betting slip is displayed only if you select to view it. Because only links to popular sports are displayed in the left column, to view all sports you click on Sports to see a list of sports in a grid format.

Neds odds display

The way the markets and odds are displayed makes it obvious the template is designed to cater for touch screen devices like phones and tablets because the odds have a blocky feel, which makes them easy to select. This works well for mobile devices but results in a less concise display of odds for PC and laptop users.

In most instances the head-to-head odds are shown by default. Next to every fixture is a link to view all markets, with a number denoting how many markets are available. When you click on the link for a particular fixture the interface shows a list of all markets categories for that game (win markets, handicap markets, totals markets, half markets, etc.). The odds aren’t shown for any of these markets. Instead you select a category and a list of all markets in that category are displayed. To view the odds you then click on one of the markets. You can view odds for more than one market at a time, but only from markets in the same category. This nested display approach is clearly designed with mobile users in mind.

On all pages breadcrumb links are available at the top. From any fixture you can use these links to return to the main page of the sport for which the event applies. Unfortunately at the time of review the breadcrumbs don’t include the country or the league. For example if you go to Sports -> Football -> England -> EPL -> Liverpool v Man Utd, you aren’t offered links back to the EPL or England. Only links to Football and Sports are displayed. Pressing back on your browser from a fixture will take you to its league, but you can’t do the same to get from the league back to the country.

Neds quick slip

When you select an item to place a bet on the interface displays a pop-up ‘Quick Slip’ with a list of stakes to choose from in addition to a text box where you can input your chosen stake. This makes placing a bet using a mobile device fast and convenient.

You can edit the default list of stakes to select from in the account area.

Neds betting slip

If you select ‘Add to Betslip’ the interface will confirm that this has taken place, but the betting slip is not displayed by default.
To view the slip you click on the ‘Betslip’ link in the top right hand corner of the page. This link will have a number next to it which indicates the number of items in your slip.

When you click on the link to view your betting slip the full slip is shown with a tab at the top that enables you to view your pending bets. The betslip itself shows the single selections followed by multi selections. For example if you have four items in your slip your multi options are ‘All selections to win’, any 2 to win (6 combinations) and and 3 to win (4 combinations). When you select a multi with multiple combinations, the total bet will equal your chosen stake. For example, if you enter a $10 stake for 4 combinations, the system will place $2.50 wagers on each of those combos.

If you only wish to place singles, or only multis, you can hide the display of the other option.

Overall, the Neds interface is clean and simple and clearly designed with mobile devices in mind. Our only criticisms are the breadcrumbs at the top of the page, which don’t include the league, or country, where relevant, as well as the fact that the odds aren’t all displayed at once for PC users.

Horse Racing

Neds racing markets interface

The Neds racing menu is highly intuitive and, like the sports interface, designed with mobile users in mind.

All events for the day are displayed at once. The horse, greyhound and harness icons at the top enable you to toggle on and off the display of each of these categories.

Betting is offered on venues in Australia and New Zealand as well as on many overseas venues, including Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, India, Ireland and the UK.

Neds racing interface

In terms of features, the Neds racing interface is the best we’ve ever reviewed. In addition to the standard race field, for each race the website provides race comments, a money tracker (to see what horses are receiving the most wagers), fluctuations, speed map, featured bets, suggested runners and a full form guide, which includes runner comments.

The race favourite is highlighted with a yellow icon. Estimated Tote odds are displayed in addition to fixed odds. When exotics are selected the betting slip enables you to choose between the VIC, NSW and QLD Totes.

Flexi betting is available, which enables you to take a Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, First Four or Quadrella at an outlay to suit your own budget.

“Bet Boost”, which boosts the fixed odds of one racing selection per day, is available for selected fixed-odd Australian racing.

Live Sports Betting

Due to Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 4, live online betting is not available. Live phone betting is available on a small range of events, but if you’re into live phone betting, you’re better off with the likes of bet365.


  • Best racing features we’ve ever reviewed
  • Low turnover requirements on bonus funds
  • Frequent betting promotions
  • Fast interface that is particularly well suited to mobile devices
  • Flexi betting is available on racing exotics
  • POLi offered as a deposit method 5
  • Neds will attempt to verify your identity electronically first before requesting identity documents, which can be done online
  • Live chat support is available during office hours
  • Searchable FAQ’s & Help section
  • ‘QuickSlip’ enables you to speed up bet placements by setting default stakes


  • No live online betting (due to Australian law)4, while live phone betting is offered on a relatively small range of events.
  • The sport league and, where applicable, the country aren’t displayed the navigation breadcrumbs
  • Can’t view all available odds for a fixture at once
  • E-wallet services like Skrill / Moneybookers and Neteller aren’t offered
  • The website search feature only searches racing products, not sports

Bottom Line

Neds is the latest Australian-owned bookmaker to be taken over by an English or Irish-owned company. The background behinds Neds bears close resemblance to that of fellow newcomer BlueBet. Neds has been launched by former Ladbrokes Australia CEO Dean Shannon, while BlueBet was launched by former William Hill Australia CEO Michael Sullivan. As is the trend in betting interfaces, the website is heavily geared towards mobile devices, which may frustrate PC users who can’t view available odds all at once. This is our only major gripe with the service, however. The range of sports and markets is strong, particularly for a new service, and the highlight is the feature-packed racing interface, which is the best we’ve ever reviewed. Sports betting fans should give the service a look while racing fans should definitely give it a go.

Notes and Sources

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