Responsible Gambling

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Responsible gambling is betting in a manner that minimises the potential for negative consequences associated with addiction. Problems occur when you have a lack of control over your betting. This lack of control can concern the scope and frequency of your gambling, the level of betting and the amount of leisure time devoted to gambling.

The negative consequences of problem gambling may include:

  • Suffering excessive financial losses relative to your means;
  • Adverse personal affects on yourself, your family and your friends;
  • Adverse affects on employment and work performance; and
  • Other costs which are borne by the community.

Most betting agencies provide members with the option of excluding themselves from the service for a fixed period of time. This feature is called self exclusion. Another feature some bookmakers offer is the ability for members to freeze their own ability to deposit funds for a fixed period of time.

It is highly recommended that you log all of your betting activity. This will enable you to track your performance and will provide a brutal assessment of whether sports betting is a problem for you. Australia Sports Betting offers a free sports betting tracker Excel spreadsheet.

If you require help with information, counselling and referral, contact your state based Gambling Help services on 1800 858 858, or Lifeline on 131 114. Alternatively, for support visit or

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