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Dutch Betting vs. Hedged Dutch Betting

Dutch betting, also known as Dutching, is the practice of backing more than one selection to achieve the same profit regardless of which selection wins (view our standard Dutch betting calculator). Hedged Dutch betting, on the other hand, is the practice of backing one or more primary selections to achieve the same profit if one of them wins, along with one or more secondary selections to hedge in case your preferred selections lose. The primary selections, if they win, will return a profit while the secondary selections return no profit or loss if they win.

The upside of hedged Dutch betting over standard Dutch betting is you can achieve a higher profit if one of your primary selections wins. The flip side, however, is that if one of your secondary selections wins, you would have been better off using standard Dutch Betting.

Play around with the hedged Dutch betting calculator below to see how the concept works. The calculator will return both standard and hedged Dutch betting strategies, along with outcome comparisons.

To use the calculator, input the decimal odds for your selections along with your desired total stake. Check the ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ boxes corresponding to your primary and secondary selections.

Hedged Dutch Betting Calculator

Selection Odds Primary Secondary
Total Wager ($):


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