Tracking Your Performance

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It is highly recommended that you track your betting performance using software such as Excel. This will help you to become a better punter and it will enable you to track exactly how much you are winning and losing. Relying on memory alone can be misleading. You may feel you dominate tennis betting, only to find you have a losing record when you look at the data. Betting agencies do provide betting history data, but it’s only in table form and doesn’t provide much insight into your betting history.

Australia Sports Betting provides a free betting tracker Excel worksheet that:

  • Tracks your performance by:
    • Bookmaker
    • Sport / league
    • Bet type (head-to-head, line, etc) – which can also be filtered by sport
    • ‘In-play’ betting vs pre-game betting
  • Tracks your available funds with each bookmaker
  • Supports Asian handicap betting
  • Graphs your betting profit/loss over time
Excel betting tracker spreadsheet   Excel betting tracker spreadsheet   Excel betting tracker spreadsheet

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