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This online sports betting hedging calculator determines biased and unbiased hedging strategies when you have already placed one wager on a market and either want to lock in a profit or limit your losses. It can be used for both pre-game and in-play betting.

The strategy of hedging can be used to provide a guaranteed profit if odds have moved in your favour, or limit your losses if they haven’t.

This calculator is designed for when you’ve already a wager on the market. If you’re looking to exploit an opportunity using simultaneously available odds, check out our arbitrage calculator. If you’re using a betting exchange and have the ability to lay selections, check out our betting exchange hedging calculator.


Input the stake and odds for the original wager, followed by the current odds for the hedge bet.

The best way to learn how to use this calculator is to simply press Calculate using the sample entered inputs. This will clarify the difference between unbiased and biased hedging.

Hedging Calculator

Wager Stake ($) Odds
Original bet
Hedge bet N/A


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