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This online betting arbitrage calculator determines various arbitrage strategies when an arbitrage opportunity exists. This calculator supports events with up to ten possible selections. For example, a head to head soccer bet has three selections: home win, draw and away win. Three strategies are calculated. The first is a straight bet on the selection you think is the best value. The second strategy attempts to return the same profit regardless of the event outcome. The third strategy attempts to return a profit if your preferred selection wins, with no loss if it doesn’t. Learn more about sports betting arbitrage.


  • Include? – check/uncheck the corresponding boxes to add/remove additional selections. For a line bet you only need two selections, while for a head to head soccer bet you need three.
  • Bias – select the outcome you believe is the best value bet
  • Selection – the selections are simply numbered 1-10. 1 & 2 are mandatory, while 3-10 are optional. In a head to head soccer bet, selection 1 could represent the home team, selection 2 could represent a draw, and selection 3 could represent the away team.
  • Highest Available Odds – input the highest available odds for each selection. For example, if bookmaker A offers 2.20 odds on selection 1, while bookmaker B offers 2.40 odds on the same selection, input 2.40 for selection 1.

Arbitrage Calculator

Include? Bias Selection Highest Available Odds
Y 1
Y 2
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