Super 14 Friday Night Bonus with SportingBet

For those who enjoy betting options such as first try scorer, SportingBet is offering 100% bonuses on any winnings for first try scorer bets on Friday night games.

This is a new Super 14 promotion – when you take a minimum $10 bet on the first try scorer market in any Friday night Super 14 match, you will receive a 100% bonus on your winnings.

For those who bet on multiple players, this would enable you to expand your number of selected players.

So if the following odds were offered:

Any other individual   8.00
Person A 11.00
Person B 12.00
Person C 13.00
Person D 13.00
Person E 14.00
Person F 15.00
Person G 15.00
Person H 21.00
Person I 21.00
Person J 21.00

Usually, to obtain a combination that provides an effective 2.00 payout for the shortest odds, you would select four players. So if the selection with the shortest odds won, you would receive a profit of ($20 x 8.00) – ($20 x 4) = $80.

With the 100% winnings bonus, however, you could bet on twice as many players for the same effective payout. So if the selection with the shortest odds won, you would still receive ($10 x 8.00 x 2) – ($10 x 8) = $80. The difference now is that you could select eight rather than four players. This would significantly increase your chance of winning.

Please note that the odds above are based on tomorrow night’s Rugby League game, so the actual odds will be quite different for a typical Union match.

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