Guaranteed Wimbledon Win for Federer

I was planning to write a post about a betting anomaly on Sportsbet, but it turned out to be intentional.

On the 9th of June I placed a bet on Federer to win Wimbledon, but before the tournament has even begun, Sportsbet has credited me with a win!

It turns out that Matt Tripp, the CEO of Sportsbet was quoted as saying “Federer lose Wimbledon?! Ha ha, he is an absolute certainty! He can’t lose, now Nadal is out.” Sportsbet staff then challenged him to pay out all Federer bets in advance if he was so sure of the outcome. The CEO has agreed, so any punter who placed a bet on Federer as the outright winner of Wimbledon before 2pm on June 21 has been paid out! This won’t affect Sportsbet if Federer actually wins, but they’ll be paying out punters for two different winners if he doesn’t.

I had set my Wimbledon winner bets up so that if any of my selections won I would be profitable for the tournament. Because my Federer bet has paid out, I’m sitting pretty before the first point has even been played! If one of my other four picks actually does win the tournament I will be sitting very pretty. Thank you Sportsbet!

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