Improve your Payouts By Attaching Low Odds Multibets

Anyone who has been betting on Wimbledon this year will be lamenting the horribly low odds offered on the likes of Federer and Murray to win their early round matches. For example, you would be lucky to be offered more than 1.01 for Federer to win.

The problem with these odds is you feel compelled to make a sizable bet to make it feel worthwhile. After all, on a 1.01 odds fixture, a $100 bet will only win you $1. For this reason I tend to target fixtures with 1.30 odds or more. Because the odds are higher, I feel I can bet less on each game, and therefore place more bets.

Lately, rather than bet on individual matches, I have been creating multibets by combining them with low odds fixtures. This creates an ‘odds boost’ because the odds are multiplied by those of the low odds attachments. This increases my payout, and if I choose my additional bets wisely, adds only a small increment to risk.

For example, yesterday I wanted to place a bet on Stepanek to beat Falla in his first round match. The odds for this fixture were 1.30. I felt certain that Del Potro and Murray would win their respective matches so I created a multibet by adding Del Potro’s match (1.06 odds) and Murray’s match (1.01 odds) to this bet to give myself an increased payout of 1.30*1.06*1.01 = 1.39178. Stepanek won his match, as did Del Potro and Murray, so I was able to boost my earnings by adding what I felt were near certain bets. Note that the multibet odds are 1.39178 and not 1.39. Even if the bookmaker lists the odds at 1.39 in your betting slip, they typically do not round the odds when determining payouts.

For those who are unfamiliar with multibets, they enable you to combine multiple fixtures where you only receive a payout if all of your selections win. As compensation you receive a higher payout than if you had made separate bets that were all individual winners. Creating multibets is very easy. For example, with Sportsbet you simply add a number of bets to your betting slip and then click on ‘Convert to Multi Bet’. Once you have done this the bets are then combined, with the new odds displayed.

As a word of warning, multibets actually increase the betting agency’s advantage, so be careful when creating them. I have been using low odds fixtures to ‘boost’ my primary bets with good success, but in doing so I invariably increase my risk.

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