Betting Tracker Excel Worksheet v1.04 Now Available

Version 1.04 of the Betting Tracker spreadsheet is now available for download.

The new version comes with the following updates:

  • The performance summary sheet now includes betting odds statistics
  • The worksheets are now colour coded. The blue sheets are used to input data and the yellow sheets output statistics and information.
  • Additional instructions have been placed within selected worksheets
  • Additional rows have been added to the Bets worksheet

Click here to learn more about the Betting Tracker.

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2 Responses to "Betting Tracker Excel Worksheet v1.04 Now Available"

  1. Hey guys,

    Love the spreadsheet, very useful. I mainly use Betfair and do alot of trading/arbing. So I was just wondering how can I reflect a guaranteed return on a certain market. Especially when that market has multiple runners i.e NBA championship winner.

    Cheers guys, keep up the awesome work.

  2. Hi Sean,

    Using Betfair with the spreadsheet is a bit tricky. Single bets are easy because you can simply adjust down the odds to reflect Betfair fees (1 + (odds-1)*0.95, etc.). However, multiple bets on the same event for an arbitrage profit is a bit trickier. Among other things, the spreadsheet will underestimate your available Betfair balance if you input multiple bets for the same event.

    Using your NBA championship winner example, I recommend you create a temporary pending bet with a bet amount that equals the drop in Betfair balance as a result of your numerous bets on the market. The odds for the bet aren’t important because it is still pending. Each time you back or lay a new bet, you would update this bet amount. Then create individual bets with odds of 1.00 for each back/lay bet on the market. Each bet would reflect the actual back/lay amount, but I would temporarily set every bet as resulting in a win, so that your Betfair balance is still reflected accurately. The actual odds and details of your bets could be temporarily stored in the Result/Score column for now.

    At the conclusion of the championship, you could delete the dummy pending bet that reflected the drop (or increase) in your Betfair balance. Then set each individual bet as having won or loss, and adjust the winning bet(s) accordingly to reflect Betfair fees. Winning lay bets will have odds of 2.00 before adjusting for fees, while losing lay bets will have odds of 2.00 and a bet amount equal to the amount of money the bet lost.

    As you can see, it’s a bit fiddly because the spreadsheet was not created with Betfair in mind. I’ve written this off the top of my head, so it may not all work out smoothly in practice. Let me know if you have further questions.


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