Managed to Green Up for the French Open

I managed to “green up” for the Woman’s title in the 2010 French Open. By this I mean I managed to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome. I’m now on a streak for woman’s tennis. I prefer betting on the woman than the men because I find that woman’s tennis is more unpredictable, so there’s more value in backing the the underdog.

Like most people though, I never predicted Schiavone would win. Her backer’s would have made a fortune, because even halfway through the tournament you could have got 90-1 on her. I had bet heavily on Stosur to win the tournament using Betfair and Luxbet, so in the tournament final I hedged by bets by backing Schiavone at 5.10 odds. All up I made $150.13 on $76.79 of bets, making a $73.34 profit.

To elaborate on “greening up”, you can do this by backing an outcome at X odds, and then betting against the outcome for Y odds later, where Y < X. During the tournament I bet on Venus Williams, Stosur, Hantuchova, and Rezai. I was able to make counter bets against everyone except Rezai later on in the tournament to hedge my positions. Below is a screen shot of my position on May 30th. Basically you try to green up by picking people who you think are undervalued and who will progress further in the tournament. For example, I was able to back Hantuchova for 540-1 odds on May 26th, and by May 30th, I could bet against her at 180-1 odds. I plan to see if I can do the same for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I have enjoyed sustained success with tennis, but have yet to try it with football.

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