$20,000 Super Bonus Prize Pool this Weekend for the AFL and NRL

Sportsbet has launched a $20,000 Super Bonus Prize pool for 1st Goal/Try Scorer (combined) winners this weekend.

To be eligible, place a $5 wager (or more) on the 1st goal or 1st try scorer (combined) market for any AFL/NRL match this weekend. If your player wins then you’ll share in the $20,000 free bet pool. As a further bonus, if your player also scores the last goal or try of the match, your bonus prize will be doubled. Any doubled prizes will be paid in addition to the $20,000 bonus pool.

Before you get any ideas about placing a bet on every player, the promotion only applies to the first wager you make for each fixture. Any additional wagers on the same fixture won’t be eligible to win. Having said that, if you make winning bets on two or more AFL/NRL matches, you are eligible for multiple bonus prizes.

To give you some idea of how much you could win, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup this promotion was run a number of times. The largest prize per winning wager was $834, and the average prize per winning wager was $45.

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