Two dollar Lines / Handicaps on all AFL & NRL Finals at Luxbet

Luxbet has launched a 2.00 lines & handicaps promotion for the AFL and NRL finals.

The “$2 LuxLine” is exclusive to the Finals. Due to the generosity of the offer, Luxbet limits bets to a maximum $250. The 2.00 odds apply to bets placed in the hour before each match.

If you’re new to sports betting, lines bets are designed to have a 50% chance of winning. They are created by adding a pre-determined number of points to the underdog’s final score (which corresponds to subtracting points from the favourite’s score). As an example, for the Friday fixture between Brisbane and Canberra, the head to head odds are:

     Brisbane: 2.50
     Canberra: 1.55

This means the bookmaker believes there’s a higher chance of Canberra winning. The corresponding lines bets are:

     Brisbane +5.5: 1.91
     Canberra -5.5: 1.91

At the end of the game Luxbet adds 5.5 to Brisbane’s score and then compares it to Canberra’s score. So if the final score is 18 – 23, the Brisbane bet would win because the line bet final score would be 23.5 – 23. Alternatively, if Brisbane loses by 6 or more, then the Canberra bet wins.

With a 50% probability of winning, these line bets usually have odds between 1.90 and 1.95, which is how the bookmaker makes its money. For example, suppose $10,000 of bets were placed on Brisbane, and $10,000 on Canberra. If the Brisbane bet won and the odds were 1.91, the bookmaker would pay $9,100 in profits to the winners, and keep the $10,000 from the losers. This nets the bookmaker $900 in profit.

Because of these odds, you should only bet on an outcome if you believe its probability of occurrence is 1/1.91 = 52.36%, otherwise your expected return will be less than your bet amount.

With the Luxbet 2.00 odds promotion, the game is actually fair! There’s no bookmaker margin, so you have a 50% chance of doubling your money.

I’ve personally never seen a promotion like this before, so if you’re into line betting, and you follow the NRL and/or AFL, then this is a great opportunity to make some money. Even if you don’t know anything about either sport, with the 2.00 odds, if you chose blindly, you would expect to break even.

If you don’t have an account with Luxbet, you can pick up a $100 Bonus Bet when you make a first deposit. To take up this offer, enter the promo code FREEBET1 at the deposit screen.

Good luck, and enjoy the finals!

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