2010-2011 Ashes Fantasy Game

Sportsbet has launched a new Ashes Fantasy Game. Pick your best eleven and try to win your share of $10,000 in cash & prizes. Prizes are awarded after each test and at the end of the series. You have to join Sportsbet to take part, but no deposit is necessary.

To participate, simply pick eleven players for each test. You have to choose exactly 5 Batsmen, 1 All-Rounder, 1 Wicketkeeper and 4 Bowlers. As a further restriction, you cannot have more than six players from the same team.

I’ve had a play around, and it’s a very simple game to participate in. Those who are unfamiliar with cricket will have no problem.

You can create private leagues to track your performance against your mates and play for pride.

Just be sure to get your first tips in before 11:00 am AEDT, Thu 25 November.

For those who are interested, below are the points scoring details and prize list.

Stat Description Points Awarded/Deducted
Runs (Per run scored)
(Duck – Exc. Bowlers)
1 Point
(-20 points)
Scoring Bonus*
Player score of 100+ in an innings
Player score of 50+ in an innings
20 Points
12 Points
Wickets (Per wicket) 20 Points
Economy Rate Bonus**
2.5 or less r.p.o.
2.51-3.5 r.p.o.
20 Points
12 Points
Catch 12 Points
Runout (All players involved) 15 Points
Stumping (W’keeper only) 15 Points


Unless otherwise specified, all points are awarded as a total score from each innings that a player may play in each single test match.
* Scoring Bonus points awarded on a ‘per innings’ basis
** Economy Rate Bonus points awarded on a ‘per innings’ basis on the total runs conceded/overs bowled, when 10 or more total overs are bowled per innings.
Your selected Captain earns double points.

Overall Prizes:

1st $2500
2nd $1500
3rd $1000
4th $500 Free Bet
5th $400 Free Bet
6th $300 Free Bet
7th $250 Free Bet
8th $200 Free Bet
9th $150 Free Bet
10th $100 Free Bet
11th-20th $50 Free Bet
21st-30th $25 Free Bet


Best of Test Prizes:

Place Prize
1st $250 Free Bet
2nd $150 Free Bet
3rd $100 Free Bet
4th $50 Free Bet
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