ICC Cricket World Cup 2011- Australia vs Kenya match tips

Australia walk into most tournaments as favourites. The trend hasn’t changed. They still are a strong unit to be reckoned with and Kenya will be looking to salvage some pride, having lost all their games so far.

Most runs scored

Many Aussie batsmen will relish the opportunity of playing against Kenya to regain their form. The middle order had been shaky right through the Ashes and continues to be so. However, the return of Mike Hussey could change that drastically. Watson, Ponting, Haddin and Clarke will be the safer bets and it is almost certain that one of these top-order players will get runs under his belt. Haddin and Clarke have had good success in their careers, playing at Bangalore. For Kenya, it is as difficult to call as it is to conceive why this team is even playing in the tournament! However, Collins Obuya seems their only player who has an idea out in the middle. Odoyo also got some runs against Canada but, coming in at 8, not much can be expected to flourish from his bat.

Available odds: Watson @ 3.00; Ponting @ 4.50; Haddin @ 4.00; Obuya @ 4.33; Ouma @ 5.33

that_guy’s bet: Ponting @ 4.50; Obuya @ 4.33                                  (888sport)

Most wickets

The Australian bowling has looked the best in their group thus far. The return of Brett Lee is reaping, obvious, rewards. Tait has come into his own and Mitchell Johnson is beaming with confidence. To back this formidable 90-MPH attack are Shane Watson, Jason Krejza and Steven Smith. A real tough call to pick which one of these bowlers will have a better day than the others.

For Kenya Ngoche has looked most impressive. Followed by filler performances from Otieno, Tikolo and Odoyo. Who the highest wicket taker will be is another tough one to call..as is the question of whether any wickets will fall!

Available odds: Lee @ 3.25; Tait @ 3.75; Johnson @ 4.00;Ngoche @ 4.50; Odoyo @ 5.50

that_guy’s bet: Johnson @ 4.00; Odoyo @ 5.50                            (888sport)

Match result

What do you reckon?

Available odds: Australia @ 1.01; Kenya @ 17.00

that_guy’s bet: Australia @ 1.01                                          (888sport)

that_guy’s hunch

Clarke to get a big one.

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