ICC Cricket World Cup 2011- India vs West Indies match tips

The group stages might be over, but there is no doubting the high intensity that this match will provide. India will play either Pakistan or New Zealand in the next stage if they win this game. However, a loss might mean playing against Sri Lanka. A loss could mean the same for West Indies as well. There’s a lot to play for. Lets see who the main players of this show will be.

Most runs scored

The Indian team has relied heavily on the top 3 and they’ve performed thus far. Tendulkar, Gambhir and Sehwag will want to play out the danger of Roach in the start of the innings as the West Indian middle-over bowling is a little suspect after the injury to Dwayne Bravo earlier in the tournament. The middle order is having a terrible lack of runs. Yuvraj has runs under his belt but he is still not looking convincing enough.

West Indies looked sharp against England with their batting but their players seemed to have forgotten what survival meant and they imploded. Gayle, Darren Bravo and Sarwan will play a key role. They’ve not played Chanderpaul too much in this tournament and it might be costing them dear.

Available odds: Tendulkar/Sehwag @ 3.75; Gambhir @ 5.00; Kohli @ 6.00; Gayle @ 3.50; Bravo/Smith/Sarwan @ 6.00; Pollard @ 7.00

that_guy’s picks: Sehwag @ 3.75; Bravo @ 6.00                                 [888sport]

Most wickets

India have still not picked Ashwin to play in this tournament and their bowling and fielding looks very ordinary. Zaheer and Munaf have been the only decent performers so far. Harbhajan picked up a few wickets against South Africa but he is still not resonating the tag of “premiere-spinner”.

West Indies have a fresh and exciting bowling attack. Roach is having a dream tournament and bowling at good speeds. Andre Russell was a revelation against England and Benn is in good form too. It is surprising to say this, but the West Indian bowling looks more confident than India’s at the moment.

Available odds: Zaheer @ 3.50; Harbhajan @ 4.00; Munaf @ 5.00; Benn @ 3.50; Roach @ 3.50

that_guy’s picks: Harbhajan @ 4.00; Benn @ 3.50   [Ladbrokes, 888sport]

Match result

India have plenty to prove and the West Indies squad showed a bit of complacency in the last game which wont do them any favours. Home win.

Available odds: India @ 1.36; West Indies @ 3.00

that_guy’s pick: India @ 1.36 [888sport]

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