ICC Cricket World Cup 2011- Kenya vs Zimbabwe match tips

The last day of the group stage will begin with Kenya and Zimbabwe facing off at Kolkata. It is likely to be a drab affair as Kenya have failed to show any kind of zeal in the tournament so far and even though they would like to believe that they’re on equal terms with their continental cousins, the plain truth is that they aren’t. Zimbabwe won only one match in this tournament but they’ve given a far better showing than Kenya, who haven’t come anywhere close to a win and have the lowest net-run rate.

Most runs scored

Zimbabwe’s team spirit has been let down by their batting. They have the mental ability to challenge oppositions, but their batting is just not good enough to win them games. Brendan Taylor has been their best batsman for quite some time now and they’ll depend on him to bat a long innings.

The Kenyan batting has been AWOL. It almost ceases to exist, except for that one- indefinite- not-out batsman every match. Obuya has played a few good knocks and remained- a proud- 98 not out against Australia in the previous game. Tanmay Mishra has shown some spark too. Tikolo hasn’t been among the runs at all and his last world cup game might see him getting some runs.

Available odds: Brendan Taylor @ 3.50; Taibu @ 5.00; Ervine/Coventry @ 6.00; Obuya @ 4.33; Waters/Tikolo @ 5.00; Mishra @ 6.00

that_guy’s picks: Ervine @ 6.00; Obuya @ 4.33 [Sportingbet]

Most wickets

Zimbabwe have plenty of spinners in their squad and will, again, depend on them. Ray Price, Prosper Utseya and Graeme Cremer are all good bowlers and will want to give one last good showing.

Kenya’s bowling isn’t all that bad. They have a few spinners in there that held the Australian team to quietness for a while and there’s no reason why they can’t do that against Zimbabwe. Odhiambo, Ngoche and Kamande will hold the key.

Available odds: Ray Price @ 4.00; Cremer/Utseya @ 4.50; Mpofu @ 5.00; Odhiambo @ 4.00; Ngoche @ 4.50; Kamande 9.00

that_guy’s picks: Cremer @ 4.50; Ngoche @ 4.50 [Ladbrokes]

Match result

Zimbabwe should win this on paper. However, a lot depends on whether Kenya decide to “come out and play”.

Available odds: Zimbabwe @ 1.28; Kenya @ 3.75

that_guy’s picks: Zimbabwe @ 1.28 [Ladbrokes]

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