Trulli trusts FIA over DRS issue

The prickly issue of the use of the DRS system at the Monaco Grand Prix will reach a climax following discussions between the FIA and the drivers at the Turkish Grand Prix and Jarno Trulli has insisted that he will abide by the decision reached.

The DRS system allows the wing to be moved and added temporary increase in speed in order to aid overtaking. The benefits of the system on street circuits such as Monaco are debateable and there have been concerns that it may prove to be dangerous on awkward parts of the tight track such as the Tunnel.

Trulli has declared that he is comfortable with whatever decision FIA race director Charlie Whitings reaches as he feels that the concerns voiced by the drivers have been well discussed.

In addition to the potential for dangerous manoeuvres in areas such as the Tunnel, Trulli feels that on such a narrow and difficult circuit the DRS system will leave the drivers with too much to concentrate on whilst driving and a decision to remove the system from the cars would be best for the sport.

In other news, there has been much discussion amongst those who watch f1 that teams will introduce “alternative” tactics for the Turkish Grand Prix in order to combat the exceptional tyre degradation experienced at the circuit.

The discussion was brought to public attention by Sauber technical director James Key who pinpointed turn 8 as particularly difficult on the tyres.

Key was quoted as saying “It will be interesting to see how well the tyres cope in terms of wear and degradation…Tyre management could be the key to the weekend of the Turkish Grand Prix.

The event is sure to provide a fantastic race and we wait to see what tactics the team introduce in order to combat these potential tyre problems.


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