Live Bookmaker Odds Comparison Tool

Australia Sports Betting has teamed up with Punters Paradise to provide a live odds comparison tool using data from popular Australian bookmakers. Australian rules, horse racing, rugby league and rugby union are currently catered for. View the live odds comparison tool.

Simply pick a betting market and the current odds are displayed for five leading Australian bookmakers, along with the back and lay odds at Betfair. The best available odds for each selection are displayed in bold.

In addition to the current odds, the odds when the market first opened are displayed, along with the degree to which the odds for each selection have since moved. If you click on the fluctuations graph for a selection a larger graph is provided. This graph provides the odds fluctuations for each bookmaker separately.

This tool is useful not only to those who want to know where the best value currently lies, but to those who are looking to get insight into the odds history. The best markets to observe changes in odds are the futures markets for the NRL and AFL. You can observe how each round of results has impacted the odds on each team to win the Premiership.

View the live odds comparison tool


Live odds comparison table

Odds comparison table

Live odds history graph

Odds history graph
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