Review of the New Sportsbet Website

On the 5th of July, Sportsbet revealed its brand new website and interface. On top of the obvious aesthetic differences, the Sportsbet service now offers a number of new features, including a reduced $0.50 minimum bet, the removal of betting in $1.00 increments, and improved multi betting functionality.

Users of IASbet will notice a lot of similarities between the two sites, which is of no surprise, given they both appear to use the same underlying betting system but with different templates. From what we can tell, the two services offer identical odds as well. Sportsbet and IASbet have shared the same owners since 2009, when Sportsbet acquired the owning company of IASbet. If you’re considering joining either of these services, we recommend checking out both to see which one takes your fancy, because apart from the obvious similarities, the two services offer different sign up bonuses and betting promotions.

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Below are side by side screenshots of the two services:

IASbet interface   Sportsbet betting interface


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