Hamilton retains world title dreams

Lewis Hamilton is looking to win more races for McLaren over the rest of the season as he admits he still thinks he can win the world drivers title.

The Englishman has seen him and colleague Jenson Button win three of the last five races going into the Formula One summer break. Those who bet on Formula One will be wondering how the rest of the season will pan out.

Two race victories in a row in Germany and Hungary have catapulted McLaren back into contention, but following their poor start to the season Hamilton still trails championship leader Sebastian Vettel by 88 points, with Button 100 points down.

Hamilton predicts the upcoming races in the calendar are going to be very exciting for Formula One fans as McLaren are racing at a “similar pace” to the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari at the front of the grid. People placing F1 bets should bear this in mind.

Despite being so far behind defending champion Vettel with only eight races remaining of the seasons, Hamilton is holding onto his title dreams and admits it is going to be a “competitive and dramatic run” to the final Grand Prix in Brazil.

“There are 200 points up for grabs and I enter all of the races believing I can win them,” he stated.

Button has come out and said he thinks Red Bull, who dominated the start of the season with five wins in the opening six races from Vettel, will be a worried team going into the summer break as McLaren and Ferrari have eradicated their previous superiority.

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