Could smoking be banned on the golf course?

Miguel Angel Jimenez be warned – you may have to put your cigar out once and for all on the golf course, according to experts.

The sight of golfers walking around courses smoking could soon be a thing of the past, after the world anti-doping agency (WADA) claimed nicotine should be a banned drug.

Olivier Rabin, sporting director of the WADA believes there is extensive evidence to prove that the drug can act as a performance enhancing stimulant.

Those looking at paypal bookmakers note how it is a remarkable statement, considering the negative effects smoking has been proven to have on the performance of athletes.

Dr Rabin has called for the WADA to bring in new sanctions in the wake of him bringing to light this new evidence.

Darren Clarke famously smoked his way round the course at The Open Championship earlier this month, but if new legislation is brought in, he too could have to stop.

Drug testing in Golf has not been around for as long as it has in other sports, having only been brought in ahead of the 2009 European Tour.

The European Tour follows the same drugs guidelines as other professional sports, and if the WADA was to bring in a ban, Golfers will not be the only sportsmen hit.

Another point that one report highlighted, was that caddies often chain-smoke when going round a golf course, and it would be very easy for a player to passively smoke.

What do Free Bet Finder believe would happen in that situation?

Danish golfer, Thomas Bjorn is one player known for smoking on the course. But he disagrees with claims that smoking enhances his performance, but said he would be prepared to quit.

He said: “I don’t think nicotine is performance-enhancing. It’s a habit on and off the course. But I suppose I’d have to give up and eat more.”

Whether other golfers will accept such changes without protest, remains to be seen. Any change to the rules seems quite far off right now, though.

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