Sportingbet Last Man Standing $50,000 Spring Racing Competition

Sportingbet Australia has launched a $50,000 Last Man Standing competition for Spring Racing.

Each round you make one selection from a number of feature Thoroughbred races. If your selected horse places, then you move on to the next round. If you’re still standing by Melbourne Cup day then you’ll be required to pick the horse to win for the final three rounds.

If you’re the last man standing you will pocket $50,000 in cash. If no one makes it to the final round, the person who made the last correct selection will be awarded the prize money. If there is more than one last man standing then the prize money will be shared.

The competition starts on October 10 and runs through to June 11.

To participate you must sign up for a Sportingbet account and then opt into the competition. No deposit is necessary, so the competition is free to join.

Click here to learn more.

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2 Responses to "Sportingbet Last Man Standing $50,000 Spring Racing Competition"

    1. Try contacting Sportingbet support. Entries close 12:00 PM AEDT. Also I’ve just found out that the competition is only open to Australian residents. I apologise for not finding that out sooner.


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