Morgan – Test cricket in need of a boost

England batsman Eoin Morgan has admitted that test cricket needs a boost to maintain its status as the most important form of the game, but doesn’t believe that One Day International cricket needs to be sacrificed.

Even those looking at online casinos with real dealers were interested when Graeme Swann recently said how he would like to see the 50-over format scrapped to allow more time for test cricket, but Morgan disagrees with his team-mate, saying that test cricket can still remain the pinnacle alongside ODI and Twenty20 cricket.

The Middlesex batsman said: “My view on it is that we should continue playing one-day cricket. It is a huge part of our game as there’s the World Cup every four years – we want to win the World Cup so not playing isn’t an option.”

“Test match cricket is struggling; it’s never struggled in England and we are quite fortunate to have brilliant attendances at pretty much every Test match. “

“I watched the Australia-South Africa Test in Johannesburg – it was an unbelievable game to watch but having seen the stands and the fact there was absolutely nobody there, it is evident that it’s becoming a problem else where. Something will definitely have to be done, and I don’t know what it is.”

“The ICC will have to look at things and try give Test cricket a boost. When you turn up to ODI and T20 cricket the stands are packed so there is certainly something missing that needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.”

Rather refreshingly, Morgan then spoke about test cricket being his favourite form of the game. This is despite being one of the leading players for England in limited overs cricket.

Morgan could potentially make a lot of money from playing Twenty20 cricket around the world too. So for him to say that test cricket is the pinnacle is a very encouraging sign and one which should be echoed by all international cricketers.

Emphasising his thoughts on this, Morgan continued: “My favourite part of the game is obviously Test match cricket. It’s a huge part of our game in England.I really enjoy the other two formats as well.”

“Growing up it’s something you want to do, and aspire to do. That hasn’t changed throughout the world – it’s still the same, it’s just whatever appeal there is to viewers, it isn’t being seen in the stadiums.”

For the sake of test cricket, it is hoped that the younger players trying to make their name in the game will see playing test cricket as the ultimate, rather than making good money as a freelance Twenty20 cricketer.

Then, if this is the case, test cricket will remain strong, even if it does need the ICC’s backing at this fragile time.

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