Form guides, head-to-head data and betting value guides for upcoming NRL fixtures

The newest addition to the Data section of this website is a page that provides form guides, head-to-head data and betting value guides for upcoming NRL fixtures.

Below is a sample data sheet for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Wests Tigers game this Friday. The value guides are calculated by placing hypothetical wagers on each team’s previous fixtures. Any value above the associated benchmark (which is adjusted for bookmaker odds) means that the team has recently been better than average value for money. Any values above $0.00 denote a net profit for consistently backing the team previously.

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Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Wests Tigers

Bluetongue Stadium
March 9th 2012
Kick-off at 7:30 PM local time

Head-to-head odds: Sea Eagles: 2.08   Tigers: 1.77

Form Guide: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

Date (y-m-d) Fixture Result Score
2012-03-04 Warriors vs. Sea Eagles Win 20-26
2011-10-02 Sea Eagles vs. Warriors Win 24-10
2011-09-23 Sea Eagles vs. Broncos Win 26-14
2011-09-10 Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys Win 42-8
2011-09-04 Broncos vs. Sea Eagles Loss 18-10
2011-08-26 Sea Eagles vs. Storm Win 18-4
2011-08-21 Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs Win 27-16
2011-08-13 Eels vs. Sea Eagles Win 20-26

Form Guide: Wests Tigers

Date (y-m-d) Fixture Result Score
2012-03-04 Tigers vs. Sharks Win 17-16 (OT)
2011-09-16 Tigers vs. Warriors Loss 20-22
2011-09-09 Tigers vs. Dragons Win 21-12
2011-09-03 Sharks vs. Tigers Win 22-30
2011-08-29 Tigers vs. Titans Win 39-10
2011-08-21 Tigers vs. Eels Win 31-12
2011-08-12 Panthers vs. Tigers Win 18-32
2011-08-05 Tigers vs. Dragons Win 16-14

H2H Guide: Sea Eagles vs. Tigers

Date (y-m-d) Fixture Score
2011-07-29 Sea Eagles vs. Tigers 12-14
2010-07-25 Sea Eagles vs. Tigers 38-20
2010-03-15 Tigers vs. Sea Eagles 26-22
2009-08-03 Tigers vs. Sea Eagles 19-18
2009-04-12 Sea Eagles vs. Tigers 23-10

Value Guide:

  Sea Eagles Tigers Benchmark
Last 6 Games $2.10 $1.10 $-0.32
Last 12 Games $2.84 $4.72 $-0.64
Last 18 Games $3.70 $3.86 $-1.27

The above figures represent the net profit from wagering $1.00 on the associated team each game. The benchmark represents the expected profit for picking teams at random, given an averaged bookmaker margin.

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