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Earlier this year we took a look at international bookmakers that offer online in-play (live) betting and Australian dollar accounts. This follow-up article provides a more in-depth look at the services and live markets offered by each bookmaker. It should be noted that the focus here is on services that offer live online betting to Australian residents. If you live outside Australia then the best bookmaker for live online wagering is bet365. Note that bet365 does offer live betting to Australians but, as is the case with Australian bookmakers, in-play wagering is only available to Australian residents over the phone. The bookmakers discussed here offer live online betting to Australian residents.

This article consists of two surveys: (1) a survey of in-play betting features and (2) a survey of in-play markets.

What is In-Play Betting?

In-Play wagering, also called live, or in the run betting, is the act of wagering on a sporting event that has already commenced. In-play sports betting provides the excitement of having to make quick decisions. It also enables you to place counter bets if things aren’t going your way, or hedge your bets if you have backed the side that’s in the ascendancy. Furthermore, it is often hard to get a read on how a game will pan out until it is underway, so many punters prefer to wager once an event has started.

In-play betting isn’t huge in Australia, but it is massive in Europe where, according to Betfair, live betting accounts for 90% of wagers on cricket, tennis and soccer. View our guide to live sports betting.

Australian Law

Australian licensed bookmakers only offer in-play betting over the phone. The Australian Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) makes it an offence to offer real money online “interactive” gambling services to Australian residents. The term interactive has been extended to include in-play sports betting. This law technically applies to all online operators, regardless of whether they are licensed in Australia. Interestingly, adherence to the IGA is the responsibility of the gambling operators and not Australian punters. An Australian resident is not breaking the law by betting live online.

Most offshore betting providers either ignore, or are unaware of the IGA, and continue to offer online in-play betting to Australian residents. As things stand, Australians are free to participate in live online betting because any infringements would entail penalties for the betting operator and not the punter.

Live Betting Features Survey

The following table summarises the online in-play betting features offered by bookmakers that support Australian dollar accounts. Below the table is an explanation of each of the features surveyed. The Y/N/P/M cells are interpreted as follows:

Y – yes – this feature is offered
N – no – this featured is not offered
P – partial – this feature is offered for some, but not all, fixtures
M – most – this feature is offered for most fixtures

  10bet 12Bet Betfred Blue Square Stan James Victor Chandler
Live betting schedule Y N N Y Y Y
Live scores Y N P P Y Y
Score breakdowns (i.e. quarter by quarter score in basketball) N N N N Y Y
Event details (tournament name, etc.)? N Y N N M Y
Animations / colour coding to highlight odds movements Y N Y Y Y Y
Interface rating (1 – 5) 3 1 2 2 4.5 4


Below are explanations of each of the features surveyed.

Live betting schedule

A diary that lists upcoming events for which in-play betting will be made available. This is incredibly handy because only a small proportion of sports offered for pre-game wagering are also available for in-play betting. Live betting is a labour-intensive service to offer, which is why bookmakers are selective with the events that they make available for in-play betting.


Stan James live betting schedule

Live scores

A live score is invaluable when the event isn’t televised or when you aren’t close to a TV. It also saves you the hassle of navigating back and forth to a third-party live scores website. live score

Score breakdowns

Score breakdowns, such as game scores in tennis and quarter-by-quarter scores in basketball, provide added insights into how a game is panning out. This saves you from having to reference live scores from another website whilst betting.


Stan James detailed live score examples

Event details

Event details give you a better idea of what event the betting market is for. Many bookmakers will list a tennis match with two player names, but won’t tell you which ITF/ATP/WTA event they are playing in.


Stan James event details example

Animated odds movements

Animated odds movements give you a visual indication of which odds are shortening and which are lengthening. This makes it easier to understand what’s going on when there are rapid odds changes. odds movements

Interface rating

We have given each bookmaker a subjective interface score between 1 and 5. This rating is based on each in-play betting interface’s design and features.


Betfred in-play betting interface


Live Betting Sports & Markets Survey

Over a period of two weeks in late April and early May 2012, we recorded the in-play events offered by each bookmaker. Below is a summary of our findings. The Y/N/P/M cells are interpreted as follows:

Y – yes – this sport/league is covered
N – no – this sport/league is not covered
P – partial – some fixtures from this sport/league are covered
M – most – most of the fixtures from this sport/league are covered

For many of the Y, P and M cells you will see a figure in parenthesis. This number indicates how many markets were available for the surveyed event at the time of review. For example, if the following markets for a football match are available:
– Head to head
– Line
– Over/under
We would record three markets as being available for that event.

A figure such as (3) means we observed three in-play markets for each of the event(s) surveyed in that league.

A figure such as (3-5) means we observed between three and five in-play markets for the events surveyed in that league.

A blank cell means the bookmaker’s website was unavailable at the time of review. Below are the survey results.

Sport League 10bet 12Bet Betfred Blue Square Stan James Victor Chandler
    General interest
Football Asian Champions League Y (19) Y (2) N Y (28) Y (34) Y (29)
Tennis ATP / WTA P (1) P (3-8) P (3-8) P (15-31) P (15-20) P (6-20)
Tennis ITF / Challenger Y (1) N N N P (4-19) P (4-5)
Golf European Tour N N Y (1) Y (1) Y (1) Y (2)
    Australia/NZ interest
Australian Rules AFL N N N N P (3) M (4)
Rugby League NRL N Y (2) P (14-17) P (6-7) P (6) Y (4-8)
Rugby Union Super Rugby N Y (1) N Y (34) Y (6) Y (7)
Rugby Union Rugby Sevens N N N N Y (2) Y (1)
Football Brisbane Premier League Y (4) Y (2) N N N N
Football Victoria Premier League P Y (1-6) N N P (29) Y (27-28)
Football South Australian Super League P (11-12) Y (2) N N N N
Football Football West State League Premier Div Y (22) Y (6) N N N N
Basketball NZ NBL Y (5) Y (2) N N N Y (14)
    USA interest
Basketball NBA P (6) Y (10-22) P (3) P (21) P (15-26) Y (14-17)
Ice Hockey NHL Y (1-3) Y (2) N Y (4) P (5) P (4)
Ice Hockey AHL Y (1) N N N N N
Baseball MLB M (1-3) M (2) N P (19-36) P P (3)
Football MLS Y (22) Y (2) N N N N
    Asia interest
Basketball Philippines PBA Y (3) N N N Y (30) Y (16)
Baseball Japanese Baseball N Y (2) N N N N
Football Korean K-League Y (13-15) Y (5) N N Y (17-21) Y (18-19)
Ice Hockey International Y (3) P (2) N P (35) P (3) P (9)
Motorsport Formula 1 N Y Y P Y Y
Badminton Unknown N P (1-2) N N N Y (4)
Table tennis Unknown N N N N N Y (4)
Volleyball International Y (2) N N N N Y (7)
Basketball Euro League(s) Y Y   Y Y Y
Snooker Unknown N Y (1-5) Y (14) Y (11-16) Y (16-17) Y (17-25)


For football (soccer) fixtures, and 12BET had the greatest coverage. They were also stronger for US professional sports.

For the popular Australian sporting codes (AFL, NRL, Super Rugby), Victor Chandler had the best coverage, followed by Stan James.

Important Update

We’ve been informed that because Australia “is not a targeted sportsbook region”, Stan James currently restrict sportsbook bets from Australian residents. No such restrictions are in place for their egaming products. If you are looking for an international sportsbook, we recommend you consider other services at this time.


For in-play betting features, Stan James and Victor Chandler were the strongest bookmakers. The Stan James interface was by far the best of the bookmakers surveyed. We encountered the occasional website bug and glitch, which prevented us from giving it a full 5/5 for the interface rating. 12BET has the weakest, least user-friendly interface. Its concise display of betting markets will please seasoned punters, but beginners will find the interface to be unintuitive.

None of the bookmakers surveyed provided a complete coverage of the sporting events we surveyed. The bookmaker that is best for your in-play wagering needs will depend on which sports you intend to wager on. You may find it necessary to sign up with two services to get sufficient coverage of the sports and leagues you follow. Betfred and Blue Square had the weakest in-play betting selection of the bookmakers we surveyed. and 12BET were the strongest for football and American sports, while Victor Chandler and Stan James offered the best selection on Australian sports.

It should be noted that AllYouBet was also surveyed, but its interface and sporting markets were identical to The survey results for also apply to AllYouBet.

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6 Responses to "In-Play (Live) Online Betting – Bookmaker Survey"

  1. Hi`
    i`m looking for a good in play bookmakers…..i live in melbourne and i bet soccer manly live … far the best is bet 365 with lots of market but very restrict on australia lower soccer league and the rule of 20 dollar min. bet per event i think is bit to much………i use 10 and winner sometime but 365 remain the best for the ammount of market (pregame)… i feel really stuck very restricted in term of live betting and market because the australia law…..did you have any other suggestion?…. i went trough your site many time and contact also sportbet,betvictor and pinnacle but my impression is 365 is the best…….any help??
    Thanks Alex

  2. Hi Alex. bet365 certainly is the best for in-play betting, but as you said, you have to bet over the phone due to Australian law. Some others to look at are Stan James (although they restrict Australian bet sizes), Parasino, Winner, Titan Bet (Winner & Titan Bet offer identical odds) and SBOBET.

  3. I have been following tennis on Bet365 but on the Final of the Australian Open Tennis match in 2012 final i was unable to trade live. I have two questions and would be much grateful if you could find the answers. Firstly, will the IGA be amended to include the live trading within the next 2 to 3 years for Australian residents and Secondly does the IGA apply for Australian residents currently within the migration zone meaning that the Aussie Resident is physically located within Australia as identified by his or her IP address or am I allowed say to travel to NZ and do live trade using my Bet365 Account and be permitted because I am subject to the country of resident at the time of the Interactive Wager. Thanking you in Advance.. Danny

    1. Hi Danny, I’m not aware of any plans at this time to amend the IGA, unfortunately. To the best of my knowledge the IGA only applies to Australian residents. If you signed up with bet365 using an Australian residential address then, so long as they have that address on file for your account, I presume they won’t permit you to bet live, regardless of what country you log in from – although you may want to verify that with them. If you move overseas and then change your address with bet365 then they may lift the live online betting restriction. In the meantime, your options are to bet by phone with bet365 or you can bet live online with other bookmakers like 10bet. Let me know if you have further questions.

    1. Bookmakers have appealed for the law to be changed in the past. Unfortunately, every now and then there’s bad publicity regarding sports betting. This puts the campaign for online in-play betting onto the back foot.

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