Sportingbet NRL Last Man Standing a Good Source for Picks

With so few players remaining, the Sportingbet NRL Last Man Standing competition is turning into a good source for NRL picks. At the beginning of Round 12 only 89 of the 17415 initial participants are left, so you’d imagine most of them know their rugby league.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Last Man Standing competition, each week participants have to pick one NRL team that they think will win that week. If the team wins you go through to the next round, if the team loses then you’re eliminated. For the first 13 rounds participants have to pick a winning side. For the rest of the season they have to pick a side at the line. The last man standing in the competition wins $50,000.

With only 89 players left competing for $50,000 you can safely assume two things:

1. They’re taking this stage of the competition VERY seriously and will be measured in their selections.
2. They know their NRL if they are still alive at this stage of the competition.

With this in mind you may find their tips quite useful. Below are their selections for Round 12. The numbers reflect how many participants selected each team.

There is also an AFL comp, but with the likes of GWS, Gold Coast and Melbourne in the league, picking a winning side is much easier. At the beginning of Round 9 there were still 7897 out of 22600 participants remaining.

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