Sportingbet – myMatch Betting for AFL & NRL

Have you ever looked at the NRL or AFL fixtures for the weekend and wished you had different matchups to bet on? Sportingbet offers a “myMatch” feature that enables you to pair up your choice of NRL or AFL teams for a given round. You effectively create your own head to head market using the teams of your choice. A myMatch wager pits the two sides against each other with personalised odds if your selected team outscores the other.

This feature is available for the NRL and AFL. The markets are typically made available on Thursday each week. Below are screenshots of the myMatch markets for AFL Round 13 and NRL Round 16. You click on a jersey at the top of the page to select the side you wish to bet on. The odds for the other sides playing that week are displayed in the right column.

For example, the Bombers are 1.30 favourites to outscore GWS in the AFL this weekend. In the NRL the Broncos are 1.41 favourites to outscore the Knights.

Centrebet, which is owned by Sportingbet, also offers this feature under the name “Pick your own match.”


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