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The following is a review of the data and odds analysis service SportsInsider. They offer sports betting data, tools and systems to help punters “make smarter bets.” This American-based service commenced operations in 1999.


The extensive array of features is too large to be covered in great detail, so here are some of the service highlights:

  • Live odds
  • Betting trends
  • “Proven” betting systems
  • Odds/line movement charts
  • Odds watcher – receive popup or email alerts whenever a selected game moves to a desired line or point spread at the sportsbook(s) of your choice
  • Breaking injury reports
  • Team line-ups for upcoming fixtures
  • Live weather data
  • Historical database of game results along with opening and closing odds, complete line history and the percentage of the public that backed each side in the line and O/U markets
  • Steam move alerts – be informed of major odds shifts across the bookmakers
  • Smart money Alerts – find out where syndicate money is being wagered
  • Smart phone and tablet support

Once you log in the main screen looks as follows:

The Value column, with the shaded green bars, highlights selections that the system believes have good value odds. The Bets column provides the number of total bets wagered on each market. The % columns show the percentage of wagers by the public on the line, head-to-head, O/U, etc. The CRIS Open column provides the opening odds and the remaining columns provide live odds at various bookmakers.

The display is highly customisable. You choose the sports and bookmakers that are displayed as well as the bet % columns, button layout, time zone, odds format (American, decimal, fractional) and more.

If you click on the “i” button to the left of a fixture you get the following. Click on the image below to view a full-sized version.

This provides a breakdown of the percentage of wagers placed on each selection with your chosen bookmakers. Also provided are a line graph, value ratings, injury report, system plays (if any) and forecasted weather conditions. Buttons at the top of the report provide access to extensive matchup statistics and line histories with your chosen bookmakers.


Because SportsInsights is an American service we’re not surprised to see that Australian domestic sports aren’t covered. At the time of review the following sports are catered for: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, tennis, Nascar, Arena Football, WNBA, CFL, MMA, golf, soccer (MLS, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, plus top division football in Brazil, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Spain).


Three packages are available:

  • Sportsbook Insider Standard – USD $49 / month
    Provides data with a ten minute delay on 6 US sports with 8 bookmakers
  • Sportsbook Insider Premium – USD $149 / month
    Provides real-time data, including in-play odds, across all of their sports and bookmakers
  • Sportsbook Insider Pro – USD $249 / month
    Provides all of the Premium features, along with odds alerts, sharp money alerts, steam alerts, contrarian picks, best picks, a smart phone app and archived betting trends since 2003

A free 7-day trial is available for all packages.


  • Extensive array of features with up to date team data and live odds
  • Decimal odds are offered (on top of American and fractional odds)
  • Access to both opening and closing odds/lines, which is gold dust for punters who strive to beat the closing odds
  • Doesn’t require any software downloads
  • Cheaper than SportsOptions (a rival service)


  • Australian domestic sports aren’t covered
  • At the time of review only two bookmakers/exchanges in their system support AUD accounts: Betfair and Pinnacle Sports.
  • The premium package is pricey at USD $249 / month


SportsInsights is a highly impressive sports betting tool. Access doesn’t come cheap though, with prices ranging from USD $49 to $249 per month. For big-time punters, however, membership would be a great investment. While various soccer leagues are covered, it is clear that the major American codes are the focus of this service, so membership is best suited to those who wager on MLB, NFL, NCAAB, etc. As we said in our review of SportsOptions (a rival service), it is worth giving the 7-day free trial a go just to see the type of services that are out there. Beginner punters will learn a fair bit about sports betting in the process.

Below are a few more screenshots:

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2 Responses to "SportsInsights – Sportsbook Insider Review"

  1. UPDATE: part of the Insider Pro package is the delivery of betting tips by email. During our one week evaluation we received 24 picks at odds varying between 1.91 and 3.00, with average odds of 2.27. Of the 24 picks, 13 won and 11 lost, providing a net profit of 20.8%. Of the 9 line (handicap) tips provided on the NFL and NCAAF, 6 won and 3 lost. Overall we were highly impressed by the tipping service.

  2. While various soccer leagues are covered, it is clear that the major American codes are the focus of this service, so membership is best suited to those who wager on mlb nfl ncaab, etc.


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