Excel Betting Tracker v2.11 Released

Version 2.11 of the Excel Betting Tracker has been released.

The new version contains the following updates.

  • Potential Payout column added to the Bets worksheet
  • 7-day and month-to-date summaries add to the Bets worksheet
  • “P” displayed by default in bet win column, with changes made to the conditional formatting
  • Blank values in setting sheet excluded from drop down menus in Bets and Deposits worksheets
  • Support for American odds in the closing odds analysis (advanced version)
  • Closing odds support for lay wagers (advanced version)

Click here to learn more about the spreadsheet.

Download – Excel 2007 and Onwards (.xlsx)

The primary difference between the ‘Advanced’ and ‘Standard’ versions is the Advanced version supports the recording of closing odds and lines/spreads. This feature is designed for punters who wish to track whether they are beating the closing odds/line.

[Excel icon]     Betting Tracker Standard v2.11 (2.0 MB)
Betting Tracker Standard v2.11 (Euro version) (2.0 MB)
Betting Tracker Standard v2.11 (British Pound version) (2.0 MB)
[Excel icon]     Betting Tracker Advanced v2.11 (2.7 MB)
Betting Tracker Advanced v2.11 (Euro version) (2.7 MB)
Betting Tracker Advanced v2.11 (British Pound version) (2.7 MB)


Note that versions 2.0 and beyond require Excel 2007 or later. For those using an older version of Excel the most recent supported version is v1.10.

Download – Excel 1997-2003 (.xls)

[Excel icon]     Betting Tracker Standard v1.10 (4.8 MB)
Betting Tracker Standard v1.10 (Euro version) (4.8 MB)
Betting Tracker Standard v1.10 (British Pound version) (4.8 MB)
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  1. I am from the States and stumbled across this site. The spreadsheet you provide is awesome and way more efficient than my own. One suggestion is a filter that let’s you filter by bet size or ‘betting units’. I would love to see this integrated into the next update. Thanks for all the hard work!


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