Rugby League Betting Offers and Odds

It has to be said that in comparison with other sports, rugby league is nowhere near as lucrative for the bookmakers. However, there are a loyal bunch of followers who will always place bets on the sport and this means that there are various markets to exploit. Moreover, even though it is by no means one of the biggest markets, the bookies are more than happy to lure customers in with various betting offers that can make it easier to make an initial profit.

Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take a look at all of the components of rugby league betting that can combine to help improve your fortunes.

Take advantage of betting offers

This can be the answer to any form of sports betting and while some will view bonus offers in a sceptic way, it’s important to realise that they do provide a good platform to make an initial profit. A whole dissertation could be compiled on the logistics of betting offers, with some designed for the short-term user while others are targeted at those who want to slowly release a large sum. Therefore, set your ambitions from the start and then proceed to choose the suitable deal.

Look out for special Asian handicap markets

Many professional gamblers are taking firm advantage of the Asian handicap market, as it can be very easy to find good prices for games. If you are confident about a favourite comfortably beating another outfit, or wish to back an underdog with a points advantage – the Asian handicap route could be the way to go. Sometimes it’s difficult to find value, but on the most part you can unlock some fantastic prices if you are willing to take a risk with the initial points deficits that come attached with this market.

Magic Weekend can provide some very good prices

One of the best times of the rugby league calendar is Magic Weekend. As everyone knows, this is where all the Super League sides head over to the Millennium Stadium for one weekend, with many matches taking place. There is a lot of media coverage on the event and with various bookies making sure they get plenty of air time, this can be the time to find very good prices. Moreover, some bookmakers will take advantage of the television coverage and promote various betting offers that can be used on specific matches over the weekend.

Keep checking the odds on the minnows

Anyone who is involved in the betting industry knows that it is dominated by four teams, with those being Wigan Warriors, St Helens, Leeds Rhinos and Bradford Bulls. This generally means that a lot of emphasis is placed on the odds in matches involving these teams and it can be difficult to extract value from the matches. Therefore, if you have any knowledge of any inferior teams in the Super League or any other division it’s worth utilising your knowledge. Most of the time, you can find more favourable odds.

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