What is Dutch Betting?

It’s time we had a long hard look at a wagering method called ‘Dutch Betting.’

Many Punters across the world like to formulate their own ratings for horse races, premiership markets and more. But when deciding on which selection to back, they don’t always necessarily come up with just one result. I know of one such person who after calculating his ratings for particular horse races, can sometimes back up to 6 horses in the one race!

Backing multiple competitors in a market may not be unfamiliar to you or your friends.

For example, you might be the type of punter who likes to back 3 or 4 players in the ‘First Try Scorer’ market s of NRL matches.

Let’s say the Roosters are playing the Sea Eagles and you decide to pick the following four players to place a wager on for first try scorer:

David Williams @ $8.00
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck @ $9.00
Kieran Foran @ $15.00
Mitchell Pearce @ $16.00

You place $10 on each for a total outlay of $40 and before you know it, David Williams crashes over in the corner and scores the first try of the match!

Your $40 outlay has now become $80 but part of you can’t help but wish that Mitchell Pearce had been the first try scorer and instead of $80 you’d be flicking your fingers through $160.

This is where ‘Dutch’ betting can be used to ensure the same profit no matter which player scores first. All you have to decide is the total amount you’re willing to outlay, and the aussportsbetting.com Dutch Calculator will do the rest for you!

Now let’s go through the previous scenario and apply Dutch Betting to the situation.

You’ve got your 4 selections and you know you’re willing to bet $40. Enter those numbers into the calculator as shown and tick the box next to each selection to have them included:

Now hit ‘Calculate Strategy’ and underneath the calculator you’ll see the ‘Dutch Betting Strategy’ section will now tell you how much to place on each selection to ensure a similar result no matter which player scores first!

Now as you can see, if you place the according value amount on each selection you will profit between $69.44 and $69.52 no matter which player scores first!

The strategy section also tells you that backing the 4 selections in this way is the same as backing one selection at odds of $2.74

The calculator also includes a commission column for those wishing to calculate the final potential profit after Betfair take out their commission on winnings.

So there you have it! A simple method for finding an even result that can be applied to any market with 3 or more selections!

Happy Punting,
-Mike Wilson

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  1. With Dutch betting I’m finding that i get into minus how come ? And also if I was putting it on horse race it seems I can’t back every horse in that race why ? You got more info please ?


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