Live Betting on Australian Open

The Australian Open, held in Melbourne in the last two weeks of January, is one of four Majors in the tennis calendar. The current Australian Open men’s champion is Novak Djokovic, with the women’s title being held by Victoria Azarenka. Widely considered as one of the hardest Grand Slam’s to win, due to searing temperatures which can reach 40C in the height of the Australian summer, it is always a fiercely competitive affair, with players required to be right on their metal immediately after the Christmas break. Betting on tennis and the Australian Open has always been interesting, and now with the ability to get involved in live betting throughout the tournament, options for punters have broadened significantly.

Live betting refers to the ability to bet on an event after it has commenced. It is a relatively new phenomenon which has been promoted by betting exchanges, with traditional bookmakers following suit. Live betting opens up a range of possibilities, from betting throughout the tournament, to striking bets on individual matches as they unfold. Live betting has many advantages. It allows bettors to trade in and out of matches and tournaments, increasing and decreasing their liabilities as they wish. It also allows individuals to make more informed decisions on events, as they can see them unfolding and are able to see patterns of play etc. before making a financial investment.

Live betting allows customers to bet on players to win, lose and combine both to trade on those involved in the tournament. For instance, if you backed Andy Murray prior to the tournament starting, and he reaches the semi-finals, you would be able to back Murray not to win the tournament, in the process guaranteeing an overall profit. Similar tactics can be employed on a match by match basis.

Alternatively, if a customer has backed Maria Sharapova pre match to beat Serena Williams in the Quarter Finals and she is winning 2-0, they can guarantee a profit by backing her to lose. Furthermore, no pre-match bet needs to be struck and a bettor could simply wait to see how the first few games unfold to get a feel for how the match will go, prior to striking a wager.

Live betting can be excellent for those who are good judges of momentum and in game psychology. Due to the fact that customers do not have to strike a bet prior to the matches commencing, they can therefore wait and see how the games are unfolding, identifying any signs of weakness in either player and assess how their fitness levels look before outlaying their stake money. Certain players are predictable in nature, getting stronger the longer the matches go on, whilst others struggle with drawn out contests.

When betting live with WBX, customers get the chance to back, lay and trade live on one of the best tennis tournaments in the world. WBX offers live betting on every tennis match, with a dynamic platform offering shorter suspensions after sets, games and incidents, small commission rates and a vast range of markets, the options to bet on the Australian Open are vast.

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