Locking In a Profit On The Premier League

Betting exchanges have transformed the way individuals can bet on the Premier League. No longer do people have to place ante post wagers on their fancied teams and sit and suffer the trials and tribulations of the season.

Having the ability to back, lay and bet throughout the course of the season offers huge flexibility when betting on the Premier League. It allows punters to dip in and out of the markets and close positions early.

Locking in a profit (or greening up) is the process of guaranteeing a profit on an event, before it has finished. It may involve backing a team, or indeed laying a team prior to the season starting and then placing the opposite bet when the odds are advantageous and can guarantee a profit. Bets can even be placed throughout the course of the season and do not have to be ante post wagers.

Looking back to last season, Arsenal were a great example of a team who offered the opportunity to lock in a profit. Relatively unfancied at the start of the season, they were available at 13.5 at the start of September. As the season progressed they were available at less than half that price, and anyone that bet on Arsenal prior to the season commencing, would have been able to strike a lay bet and lock in a profit, regardless of whether Arsenal would go on to win the league.

Locking in a profit can also be achieved by laying a team and then backing them at a later date. For instance, Manchester United started the season with a new manager in David Moyes and there were question marks about how he would settle in. Whilst available at odds of 6.0 in September, due to their lacklustre first half of the season, their odds ballooned to over 34.0 and continued rising. They could have been laid pre-season and backed later to lock in a profit.

Trading strategies can be utilised on a more short term basis to lock in profit on the Premier League. For instance, a view may be taken on a team’s next few matches based upon injuries or based on the difficulty of their fixture list.

WBX (World Bet Exchange) is a leading betting exchange who offer customers the opportunity to back, lay and bet live throughout the course of the Premier League season. There is the option to bet on individual matches and the ante post markets and the short suspension time of markets, low commission rates and ability to lock in a profit and release stake money are just some of the benefits on offer with WBX. The 2014-15 Premier League season is set to kick off on August 16.

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