Top 5 reasons to bet on live tennis matches

1. Prices change every point

With a point every minute being played and needing only 4 points to win a game price swings can be quite large, especially if two consecutive points are won or lost and the server goes down 0:30 at 4-4 in the first set. Or in some cases you can actually bet on who is going to win each point, in each game so there’s non -top action for both the recreational punter as well as the punter betting for a profit

2. Ride the Rollercoaster

Anyone who has ever bet on a tennis match knows things don’t always go according to plan and momentum can go with one player for a set, then to the other, and then back to the first player. Watching a match and betting live allows you to ride this rollercoaster and take advantage of price fluctuations. The added benefit is that sometimes you can watch how the first few games pans out to see if you can pick up any sense of who is playing the better on that day. Rather than risk on the unknown prior, you get the benefit of having a look at your selection before outlaying some cash on it

3. Greening up

So you’ve put $20 on a $3 outsider at the start of the match and he won the first set and you’re serving second at 4-4 in the 2nd set. His opponent is now $3 to win the match. Knowing that you may soon be serving to stay in the 2nd set you may want to take the opportunity to place an equal wager on the opponent to lessen your risk. So now you have outlaid $40 on the match, but are going to collect $60 whatever the outcome is. There’s only thing to do now, make yourself a coffee and put your feet up and relax. Or of course, you can have a look at another upcoming match and have a $20 free-roll on the player you like.

4. Lay Lay Lay

Geez, Why is he so short!! Most punters have said that when they’ve first seen the price. So here’s your chance to Lay the favourite for only a small risk. If he jumps out to a big lead and wins easily than you haven’t really lost much have you? But, if he goes down an early break, or drops the first set, or even if he’s serving at 4-5 down in the opening set, you would then have the chance to back the very player you laid at the start, only at a better price for a profit regardless of the result.

5. Something doesn’t seem right

So you’ve found a live stream of the match and one player clearly doesn’t look like his head is in the game. He looks distracted, getting frustrated, stretching his arm/shoulder/leg/hamstring etc. Here’s your chance to jump on to a live bet on the opponent. You mightn’t have liked his chances before the match, but he’s hitting the balls well and playing a player clearly not focussed 100% on the match.

Whilst most sports book operators now offer live betting to their clients, only betting exchanges offer you the ability to ‘Lay’ players and thus are only offering you one way to make money on a match. To those who haven’t yet been exposed to Exchanges, just Google “betting exchanges” and the first result is currently a Wikipedia entry outlining what they are all about. The next result is for, which is one of the leading exchanges at the moment. For Australian Punters, WBX offers accounts in Australian Dollars saving you on currency exchange costs with your bank. Live betting is offered on every tennis match, so if you are serious about your tennis and your betting, and want every possible chance to turn a profit, then check out You can read a full WBX review here.

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