Win up to $25 million on the Melbourne Cup

If the $3 million Ladbrokes MegaPick promotion doesn’t excite you, Tom Waterhouse has launched a $25 million Melbourne Cup market.

To participate you select the first 10 horses in correct finishing order in the Melbourne Cup. Each participating bet costs $10 and there is a limit of 10 bets per person. ALL-IN Betting rules apply (No Refunds) to bets placed prior to the final field being declared.

The winning prize is AUD $25,000,000. If there is only one successful wager, that successful wager will win AUD 25,000,000. If there are multiple successful wagers, the prize pool will be divided equally among all successful wagers.

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Some Details

Residents of South Australia are not eligible to place a wager on this bet type.

A successful First Ten 2014 Melbourne Cup wager requires the Client to nominate the first 10 place-getters in correct finishing order of the 2014 Melbourne Cup as declared by Racing Victoria at the time of correct weight.

In the event of one or more of a Client’s selections being scratched or being declared a non -runner after a First Ten wager is placed, then in the event that the scratching or declaration is made:

  • before a final field is declared, the wager will be treated as an unsuccessful wager;
  • at or after the time a final field is declared, the wager will be refunded in full to the Client.

In the event that a Dead-Heat occurs for a win or a place:

  • the Dead-Heat Rule in Rule 63 will not apply; and
  • both horses will be deemed to have either won or placed respectively. A successful wager will require the Client to have selected both of the horses involved in the dead heat for that win or place and the immediately following place, regardless of order. For example, if horses 1 and 2 dead heat for 1st place, a successful wager will require the Client to have selected horses 1 and 2 in their top two finishing order of horses, regardless of the order.

In the event that less than twenty horses start the race or less than ten horses finish the race, or if the race is not run on 4 November 2014 and is not rescheduled to be run within 48 hours of the original scheduled start time, then this bet type will be declared null and void and all wagers refunded.

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