Sportsbet Cash Card

Following in the footsteps of the Ladbrokes EFTPOS card and the Betstar pre-paid VISA Card, Sportsbet have launched their own EFTPOS card called the Sportsbet Cash Card. The card is linked to your Sportsbet account which allows you to access your winnings instantly as cash from ATMs or spend your winnings like you would with any EFTPOS card.

The idea behind these cards is that they appeal to traditional punters who prefer retail TAB outlets because they can collect their cash winnings instantly rather than request a formal withdrawal.

The Sportsbet Cash card is free for all Sportsbet members who apply for it. To access the funds you must transfer funds to your card by logging into Sportsbet, clicking on the ‘My Account’ section, navigating to the ‘Sportsbet Cash’ section and then clicking on ‘Withdraw winnings to Card.

Learn more about the Sportsbet Cash Card

Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges apply to the card.

Card Issue and Funds Loading
– Card Issue Fee – Free
– Funds credit loaded from your Sportsbet wagering account – Free
– Replacement Card fee – Free

ATM Withdrawals
– When using an ATM which is not part of the reditATM network – ATM Owners Fees
– When using a rediATM – $2.00 rediATM Usage Fee

Point of Sale Purchases
– POS Purchase – Free
– POS Purchase with cash out – $0.29

Declined Transactions Fee
– First four transactions of the month – Free
– Every transaction after the first four – $0.20

Account Keeping Fees
– Balance Enquiry Online – Free
– Sportsbet Cash Support team call – Free

Learn more about the Sportsbet Cash Card

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