The FA Cup – the most exciting football tournament to bet on

The FA Cup – the competition in England in which some of the biggest football upsets throughout the season occur. The fact that many of the smaller teams rely on this competition to win a trophy, while the bigger clubs tend to overlook it, makes it interesting to follow. Throughout the years we have been witnesses to matches in which squads from Championship humiliate teams from the Premier League and this season is no different. The FA Cup is so unpredictable which makes it more exciting to place bets and enjoy the game live.

We’ve just reached the Fourth Round Proper and there have been some pretty shocking match results. To start with, not a lot of people would have expected that Chelsea, the team led by Jose Mourinho, would suffer a 2-4 loss on Stamford Bridge against Bradford City, a team that isn’t even in the Barclay’s Premier League! Nevertheless, the surprises don’t stop here – Manchester City was defeated by a 0-2 score by Middlesbrough, a team from Championship, while Manchester United arrived at a 0-0 draw with Cambridge United on Old Trafford, a club that is playing in League Two. Another one of the favorites for the FA Cup, Tottenham Hotspurs also suffered a loss and was eliminated, as they were defeated 2-1 by Leicester City.

Some of the biggest clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs are now out of the tournament, but Manchester United and Liverpool still have a chance to advance to the Fifth Round Proper if they find a way to defeat their opponents.

Manchester United and Cambridge United will face off on 3rd February at the Old Trafford and if the Red Devils don’t underestimate their opponents, it shouldn’t be too hard to win the game. As for now, Manchester United is one of the favorites to win the FA Cup with odds at 4.0. Liverpool is almost in the same position as Manchester United, as they haven’t yet advanced to the Fifth Round Proper – the Reds will first have to find a way to defeat the Bolton Wanderers 3rd February.

Looking at the outright winner odds, Arsenal is the favorite at the moment to win the trophy at 3.4. They are the team to be on the lookout for having played consistently compared to the other clubs. Manchester United odds are at 3.95 to win the FA Cup, but their form has been shaky and it may just be a matter of time for them to be eliminated. Liverpool ranks in 3rd at 7.6 to win the tournament, however they have a tendency to drop easy matches and it is hard to imagine them even reaching the final, offering a good ‘lay bet’ opportunity on betting exchanges.

There are a couple of teams that aren’t in the Barclay’s Premier League that are still going strong in the tournament, but shouldn’t be considered a threat when it comes to winning the title. The fact that the Blackburn Rovers (110.0), Bradford City (160.0), Middlesbrough (70.0), Derby County (42.0) and Reading (160.0) are still going strong is an accomplishment for them, with the odds stacked against them; they’re likely to be eliminated before they can reach the Final.

The Fifth Round Proper of the FA Cup will be played on 14th, 15th and 16th February, so make sure to bet online and get all the live action and odds from the betting exchange World Bet Exchange as undoubtedly there are going to be a lot of adrenaline-pumping games – you can try your luck with back and lay betting.

The FA Cup is certainly one of the most exciting tournaments in England. The mix of teams from the Barclay’s Premier League and the lower levels is what makes it unique and thrilling to watch as the underdogs find ways to win matches and upset the favorites. So if you still haven’t made a bet on the FA Cup don’t hesitate to visit WBX to try your luck with no premium charges, and up to $35 in free bets for new members.

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