Advancebets with Marathonbet – Betting with a Zero Account Balance

We recently conducted a Marathonbet review and apart from the competitive odds, the feature that stood out the most was “Advancebets”, which enables you to leverage your pending bets balance to place further wagers, even when your account balance is zero. Our Marathonbet review only briefly covered this feature, so this article will take a closer look.

How it Works

The Advancebets feature enables you to use the potential winnings of unsettled bets to place new wagers, even when your account balance is zero.

If you have pending wagers on fixtures that are due to start within the next 48 hours, Marathonbet will award you an Advancebets balance. To view your balance, make a selection for a fixture which is also due to start within the next 48 hours. A “Calculate Now” link will appear next to ‘Available advance’ within the betting slip. Click on this link and Marathonbet will display how much much available advance is available for you to place on that selection.

In order to place any Advancebets, you must have at least one unsettled bet on an event which is due to start in the next 48 hours. Bets on Starting Prices (SP) will not be used to calculate the available Advancebet balance.

You can place Advancebets on live events and any event that is due to start within the next 48 hours. Advancebets can be reused as many times as you like providing the 48-hour criterion is met.

Once a bet has been placed using Advancebets, your Advancebets balance can be viewed in the My Account section.

No Obligation to Pay Marathonbet Back

The best aspect of Advancebets is if your wagers placed using Advancebets lose and the pending bets used to allocate those funds also lose, there is no obligation to pay back Marathonbet. The remaining used Advancebet sum will be waived. Marathonbet takes on the risk of those bets losing, not you.

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