TopBetta – King of the Cup – $200,000 Racing Tipping Competition

TopBetta King of the Cup competition

With the Melbourne Cup Carnival kicking off on Saturday, TopBetta has launched a King of The Cup wagering competition.

The total cash prize pool is $200,000, with a $50,000 1st prize. Entry into the competition costs $220.

What is TopBetta?

Launched in 2013, TopBetta is a Newcastle-based bookmaker and betting tournament operator. The service is licensed in the Northern Territory.

In TopBetta’s betting tournaments, participants are given fantasy money to wager with the aim of accruing the highest profit.

New members who use this link to sign up and deposit $25 will receive $100 in bonus bets. Note that for regulatory reasons this offer isn’t available for NSW, VIC, WA or SA residents.

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When does the King of the Cup Competition take place?

The game runs throughout the Melbourne Cup Carnival encompassing:

Day 1: Victoria Derby Day 29th October
Day 2: Melbourne Cup Day 1st November
Day 3: Crown Oaks Day 3rd November
Day 4: Emirates Stakes Day 5th November

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How to play

How to play the TopBetta King of the Cup competition

The object of the game is to accrue the most fantasy money, called “BettaBucks”, by making horse racing wagers on the above venue dates.

Players start Days 1-3 with $10,000 BettaBucks. Players will start with their balance from the previous three days plus $50,000 BettaBucks on Day 4.

So on Derby day you will have $10,000 of virtual money that you have to turn into as much winnings as you possibly can. Once the day’s racing is over any profit you have made will be placed into your Betting Bank ready for the competition final on Stakes Day. On Melbourne Cup day you get another $10,000 and do it all again, trying to earn more money to boost your Day Four bank balance. The same happens again for The Oaks. On the Emrirates Stakes day you are given $50,000 to wager with in addition to your balances from Days 1, 2, and 3. Whoever finishes Day 4 with the biggest overall fantasy balance is the winner.

The buy-in fee is $220. If your fantasy money drops to $0 you can re-buy entry into the tournament for $110. You are permitted up to 5 re-buys per race day.

All balances from Days 1-3 will be transferred to Day 4 where you will play for a share of the prize.

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The tournament offers a guaranteed $200,000 cash prize pool, with the first placed competitor winning a guaranteed $50,000.

The exact prize schedule may vary depending on the number of entrants, but at the time of writing the prize list is:
1st – $50,000.00
2nd – $34,000.00
3rd – $26,000.00
4th – $19,000.00
5th – $14,000.00
6th – $10,500.00
7th – $8,500.00
8th – $7,000.00
9th – $6,000.00
10th – $5,000.00
11th – $4,000.00
12th – $4,000.00
13th – $4,000.00
14th – $4,000.00
15th – $4,000.00

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