NBL Round 14: Preview and Betting Tips

The following are previews with betting tips for Round 14 of the 2018/19 NBL season.

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Thursday, January 17

Adelaide 36ers

Adelaide 36ers v Perth Wildcats

7:50pm AEDT
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Perth Wildcats

Sobey & Johnson build houses during their loss to Brisbane

Sobey shot 2/13 and Johnson 6/18 during their 12 point loss to Brisbane. They were building houses with all the bricks they were shooting! Sobey only had four points on the game and Johnson 18. While Conger led the way with 25 points on 10/16 shooting, including two from deep. He also had six boards and three dimes. While Frolling hit 5/8 for 14 points. As well as that he also had three rebounds, one assist and a steal. And despite Johnson’s poor shooting, he tried his best to make up for it with nine rebounds, an assist and a steal. Coming of the bench, both Deng and Wiley scored eight points. That was while Drmic had seven. The 36ers actually won the first three quarters as they put up 24, 25 and 27 points, However it all imploded for them in the fourth and final period as they were outscored by 21 points, 35-14.

Oh how far the Wildcats have fallen

They currently sit in 3rd, but the 36ers are only two wins behind them and from snatching their finals spot from out under beneath them. Their latest match being a two point defeat to the last placed Taipans. Perth won the 2nd and 3rd quarters 23-22 and 24-15 but it wasn’t enough. Cairns kept them to only 17 and 15 points in the first two quarters of the game. Cotton shot a horrific 7/26 including 4/15 from deep as he ended up with 20 points. He also had four boards, three dimes and a steal. Kay also had 18 points and White 17. Kay also had five rebounds and four assists next to his name. That was while White hit three from deep to go along with his five rebounds, three assists and one steal. Of the bench Steindl had six points and pulled in one board.

Betting tip: Pick Adelaide to be victorious at $1.70 (Ladbrokes)

Friday, January 18

Illawarra Hawks

Illawarra Hawks v New Zealand Breakers

7:50pm AEDT
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New Zealand Breakers

Illawarra you giant-slayers

For the second time this month the Hawks toppled the Kings in a 96-84 points away victory. They had the Kings measure for most of the game as in the 2nd quarter they won 28-18. While in the 3rd it was 26-16. They played hard and with heart as they kept a usually dominant Bogut to only 10 points as well as Kickert to 0/6 shooting. Besides that their own stars were Conklin who hit some late game-icing FT’s for 17 points and Jackson who had 13. While some players really made their presence felt of the pine as Naar had 18 points and Jett 16. Conklin also had three boards, one dime and one steal. While Jackson had two rebounds, two assists and a steal. Jett also had next to his name two rebounds, two assists and two steals. While for Naar it was five boards and two dimes. Illawarra now sit only two games out of a finals position.

Randle & Lisch too hot for the Breakers

The MVP candidate had 18 points and the Captain had 20 as they combined for nine dimes in the Breakers 100-92 loss to the Kings. The only quarter the Breakers won was the 3rd, 23-22. While the 1st was a close one as they went down 22-20. However ultimately the match was decided in the final period of the game as the Kings prevailed 24-17 to take the game by an eight point margin. New Zealand’s stars of this match was Long who hit 7/14 two-point attempts for 20 points. He also had 10 boards and a steal. Wesley also had 16 points to go along with eight rebounds, five assists, one steal and two blocks. Ili meanwhile had 11 points as he made 4/6 FG attempts. He also ended up with four boards, two dimes and a steal. And coming of the bench, Weeks scored 15 and Moore 10.

Betting tip: Pick New Zealand to be victorious at $2.25 (Ladbrokes, Bet365, Neds, UniBet)


Saturday, January 19

Sydney Kings

Sydney Kings v Adelaide 36ers

2:50pm AEDT
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Adelaide 36ers

Still first but with one foot of the throne

They lost by 12 to the Hawks last round. They conceded 96 points to them. And it was at Qudos. Pretty much nothing went right for Sydney in this game as they lost to a side who simply put, wanted it a hell of a lot more then they did. Thankfully for them and their fan-bashue they are still 1st. But another slip-up like this and they won’t be. The Kings lost the 2nd and 3rd quarters by 10 points each. However in some small positives for them, they won the 1st, 20-18. And they also won the 4th 30-24. Randle led the way for the Kings with 22 points on 7/14 shooting. Lisch also had 17, Newley 11 and Bogut 10. Randle also had one board and three dimes. While for his back-court partner those numbers were four rebounds, two assists and a steal. Bogut also had 10 boards, four dimes and two blocks. And of the pine, among their other stats, both Deng and Adnam scored five each and also had two rebounds. While Kickert shot a simply crap 0/6 as he scored only two points in over 17 minutes of play.

Forty-five’s the magic number as Adelaide beat the Hawks

Sobey and Moore combined for 45 huge points in Adelaide’s six point win over Illawarra. This was their first match of the round as in the second one they suffered a double-digit points loss to the Bullets. Sobey also had six boards, three dimes and a steal. And Moore coming of the bench shot 63.6% as he also had three rebounds, seven assists and two steals in a humongous effort! Conger also scored 19 and Johnson 15. Conger also had six rebounds, five assists and four steals. And Johnson’s efforts included him hitting 6/8 FT attempts. Adelaide were down at the end of Q1 but turned it around with a huge next quarter, winning 29-21. While they turned it on in the 4th winning the game as they scored 30 points to the Hawks 18.

Betting tip: Pick the Kings to be victorious at $1.47 (PalmerBet, BlueBet)

Brisbane Bullets

Brisbane Bullets v Cairns Taipans

7:50pm AEDT
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Cairns Taipans

Gliddon and Curry, what’s the difference?

Cam Gliddon hit five threes doing his best Steph Curry impression in his sides commanding 12 point win over the 36ers. He scored 22 points as well as having six boards, two dimes, three steals and one block. Former NBA man Patterson did a pretty good job of it as well as he had a near triple-double with 16 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists and one steal. Bairstow scored 20 points as he hit nine of his 12 shots, including 2/2 from beyond the arc. And Hodgson had a double-double with 13 points, 12 rebounds and one swat. That while Cadee hit three three-pointers and Te Rangi scored 10 of the bench. Brisbane lost all of the first three quarters as they put up a respectable 21, 24 and 22 points. However the 4th is where they absolutely killed it as they scored a huge 35 points! And they kept the opposing 36ers to only 14.

Cairns you little ripper!!!

Avenging their heart-breaking loss to the Kings, the Taipans made it count against Perth in the tight 81-79 victory, giving them their third win of the current campaign. And Melo was huge, he hit the game winning FT with only seven seconds left as he had 32 points. He also went a crazy 6/7 from behind the arc. He also had seven boards and one dime. Besides him Jawai had 14, Newbill 13 and Hall 11. Newbill also had two rebounds, two assists and a swat. And Jawai hit 6/9 shots to help aid him in his awesome game of eight rebounds, five assists, one steal and one block. Hall also had four steals among his other stats. Cairns won the first two quarters, 20-17 and 24-15. While they narrowly lost the third 23-22. They’ve been doing themselves and their fans really proud recently, that’s for sure.

Betting tip: Pick Brisbane to be victorious at $1.60 (Ladbrokes)


Sunday, January 20

Perth Wildcats

Perth Wildcats v Melbourne United

3:00pm AEDT
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Melbourne United

Bryce Cotton and actual cotton, what’s the difference?

Answer, there is none as he was both soft and weak as hell in his sides two point loss to the Taipans. Despite ending up with 20 points he had to shoot 7/26, 26.9% to get there. While he was worse than Howard from 3pt range as he shot 4/15. And he managed to get only three assists as well in a simply awful performance from him. Kay and White did a lot better as they scored 18 and 17 points each. They both shot a lot better 7/13 and 6/10 respectively. Martin and Norton were the main creators as they had five and four assists each. And it was Cotton who missed the potential game winning three at the end. Yet when considering his god awful shooting throughout the match, it should have no doubt been up to someone else to take the shot! Perth won the final quarter 24-15 but it wasn’t quite enough to get them the result.

Melbourne vs Melo and OT is the end result

Melo scored an NBL season high 42 points! But it wasn’t enough for the opposition as Melbourne won 99-89 in OT. And United were absolutely huge in the clutch as they won that period of the game a massive 18 points to eight. And they had a crazy big comeback in Q4 as they outscored Cairns 22-9 to send the game into the extra period of time. While they also won Q3, 27-26. Ware scored 27 points while Barlow had 27. Boone also had 15 and Goulding 11. Ware also went 7/11 from deep as he ended up with six boards and five dimes. While Barlow had five rebounds, one assist, one steal and one swat. Boone also had a huge 15 rebounds and three blocks! And Goulding’s other stats were one board and two dimes as he shot a poor 4/15.

Betting tip: Pick United to be victorious at $1.95 (Ladbrokes)


Monday, January 21

Cairns Taipans

Cairns Taipans v New Zealand Breakers

7:50pm AEDT
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New Zealand Breakers

Melo da man

He did his very, very best with an NBL season high 42 points in the Taipans 10 point OT loss to Melbourne. He hit 16/27 shots including seven from deep. While he also had three boards and two dimes. Jawai went 8/14 for 18 points. He also had five rebounds, one assist, one steal and two blocks. And DJ scored 10 points as well as having three boards, one dime and one steal. While of the bench, Loughton scored seven and Loe five. Loughton also had eight boards and Loe five. Unfortunately for Cairns they were thrashed in OT, 18-8. And that followed of off their 22-9 Q4 defeat. However they only lost Q3 by one point. That while they won the other two quarters 25-18 and 21-14. Unfortunately United were just too strong for them in the end.

Long not enough as NZ fall to Sydney

He posted 20 points, 10 rebounds and one steal but Long’s efforts weren’t quite enough in the Breakers 100-92 defeat to the Kings. Wesley also scored 16 and Ili 11. While of the bench Weeks had 15 and Moore 10. Wesley also had eight boards, five dimes, one steal and two swats next to his name. While Weeks had two rebounds, one assist and two steals. Ili also had four boards, two dimes and a steal. The Breakers currently sit in 7th spot and are three wins of a playoffs spot. This game represents a huge, huge must win match for them. And despite their recent form, there’s still probably no better team to do it against then the last-placed Taipans.

Betting tip: Pick the Breakers to be victorious at $2.05 (Ladbrokes)

Best Bet of the Round

My favourite/best bet of the round is for the Breakers to be victorious vs Cairns at $2.05 (Ladbrokes). This is similar to a do or die game for them and they need the W!!!


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