Comprehensive PlayUp Review

PlayUp review

A review of the bookmaker PlayUp is now available. This comprehensive review is part of a series on betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. All reviews form part of the Bookmaker Reviews section on this website. A full survey of betting agencies can be found in the Betting Agencies section.

In summary, PlayUp is one of a few Australian-owned bookmakers trying to mix it with the large foreign-owned services that are licensed in Australia. It replaces the merged ClassicBet, Mad Bookie and soon-to-be-merged TopBetta, with the owning company also owning Draftstars. There are some bugs at the time of review and we found the limitation that stakes be in $0.50 increments incredibly annoying, but no doubt these teething problems will be sorted out. PlayUp is a good addition to the betting portfolio of anyone who likes to shop around for odds given its independence from other bookmakers.

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One Response to "Comprehensive PlayUp Review"

  1. Playup have treated me so poorly.
    Their boost up doesn’t work yet is a promotion.
    My rewards points were miscalculated as they have a promotion for 10 times reward points. Then corrected then banned me from using them without telling me before I deposited again. Their operations manager Henry answered my call without a “hello” just a “what do you want mate” my account was closed them when questioned why it was reopened as a gesture of goodwill. Please stay away. I haven’t been able to be in contact with them for a week. Big time scammers.


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