NBL Round Seven: Games and Betting Previews

The following are previews with betting tips for Round 7 of the 2019/20 NBL season.

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Friday, November 15

Adelaide 36ers

Adelaide 36ers v Perth Wildcats

7:30pm AEDT
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Perth Wildcats

The 36ers last game was a disappointing 19 point, 109-90 loss to Melbourne. They won Q’s 1 & 3. But lost Q’s 2 and 4. Adelaide won Q1, 27-19 and Q3, 25-24. However, the score-line in Q2 was, 37-14 and Q4 was, 29-24. Q2 is where the 36ers really lost the plot against United. Randle led the way for Adelaide with 17 points, Drmic scored 16, Johnson had 13 and Griffin 11. Randle also had two boards, three dimes and a steal. Drmic had two rebounds, two assists and three steals next to his name. Johnson also had four boards, two dimes and a steal. And Griffin had three BIG blocks, along with three rebounds. Moore also scored nine points and Dillon had eight of the bench. Adelaide are currently 6th, but only two wins of a finals position.

The Wildcats, just like Adelaide, also suffered a 19 point loss in their last game, as they were thrashed by the Kings, 104-85. Q1 ended at 20 points a piece. But Perth didn’t win or draw a single quarter after that. From q’s, 2-4 they went down, 29-26, 30-18 and 25-21 respectively. Next Star player Didi, lit them up for 28 points. Cotton more then well matched that with 36 of his own. But the only other Wildcats player to score in double figures was Kay with 18. While Norton scored eight of the bench. Cotton hit six huge threes to go along with five boards, four dimes and a steal. Kay backed up his partner-in-crime with seven rebounds, two assists, a steal and two blocks. Norton’s other stats included two boards and two dimes. Currently they are 3rd on the ladder, but sit just two wins of 1st place.

Key Player- Johnson- 18.9ppg, 8.1rpg, 2.0apg, 0.3spg and 0.1bpg.

Betting tip: Pick Perth to win at $1.71 (Sportsbet)


Saturday, November 16

Melbourne United

Melbourne United v S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

5:30pm AEDT
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S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

Melbourne were really never troubled in their 109-90, 19 point win over Adelaide last round. They lost Q1, 27-19 and Q3, 25-24. However, they won the other two, 38-14! and 29-24 respectively. That 2nd quarter was HUGEEE for Melbourne in the context of their smashing victory. Melo scored a big, big 32 points, as he went 3/4 from deep. Goulding also had 20 and Long 16. Barlow scored 12 as well in the impressive United effort. Melo also had six boards, four dimes and two steals. Goulding also added to his points total with three rebounds and an assist. Long did a bit of everything with four boards, a dime, a steal and three blocks! Barlow shot a nice 3/5 as he got seven rebounds, four assists and a steal next to his name. Of the pine, Prather scored seven points, he also had four rebounds, and both a steal and a block each. United are currently 4th and are on the rise, they sit now just three wins of the 1st placed Sydney Kings.

SEM in their last game simply dominated the Breakers, as they won 103-78, by 25 big points. SEM only lost Q2, 31-24. They won all the others, Q1, 3 and 4. The scores were, 18-17, 29-14 and 32-16 in the big, impressive performance. This win just continued to add to the new franchises hot start to their first ever NBL season. Crockett had 14 points of the bench and Adnam, 12. As for the starters, Creek scored 21, Pineau 18, Roberson 17 and Madgen 10. Creek also had 11 boards and four dimes to add to his stat-sheet. Pineau had seven rebounds, two assists and three blocks. Roberson hit two from deep, to go along with his two boards, nine dimes and one steal. Madgen had six rebounds and one assist. Crockett had eight boards, two dimes, three steals and a block. And Adnam had a superb shooting night as he went 5/6, 83.3% from the court. SEM are currently in 2nd place with an impressive five wins from seven matches played so far.

Key Player- Trimble- 21.7ppg, 4.6rpg, 4.8apg, 0.9spg and 0.1bpg.

Betting tip: Pick SEM to win at $2.95 (Unibet)


Cairns Taipans

Cairns Taipans v Brisbane Bullets

8pm AEDT
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Brisbane Bullets

The Taipans are currently in 8th place with just two wins from their opening eight games. Although to be fair to them, they have for the most part been an extremely competitive team and one that hasn’t lied over for the big boys all that easy. And they proved that competitiveness in their last game, as they pushed Illawara most of the way in their 10 point, 101-91 loss. If it wasn’t for LaMelo’s massive 24 point, eight assists game, then Cairns may have well won this match-up. Djeric had a huge 19 points coming of the pine, while all five of the starters scored in double figures. Oliver had 16, Machado and Newbill had 12 each and both Deng and Koi scored 10 points a peice. Djeric also had five boards, a dime and a steal next to his name. Newbill had one rebound, four assists and a crazy four steals. Machado also had two boards, two dimes and a steal. Deng had five rebounds, while Koi had three, among their other stats. The only quarter Cairns won, was the third, 23-19. The fourth was a draw at, 23-23. And Q1 and Q2 both ended in the Hawks favour, 22-21 and 37-24.

Brisbane sit currently in 5th place and only a win of 4th and a finals berth after their strong but ultimately fruitless effort in their 95-85, 10 point loss to Sydney. Newley went all retro and old-form against them with 20 points, but Patterson matched that with 20 of his own. Outside of that, Hodgson had 13 and Sobey 12. Cadee also had 11 against his former side of the bench, as he hit a couple of key threes throughout the match. Patterson also had 11 boards, seven dimes, two steals and a block in his usual do everything type of performance. Hodgson shot 6/7, good for 85.7%, as he also had three rebounds next to his name. Sobey also got six boards and a dime. And Cadee had three threes to go along with his two rebounds and one assist. Singler also scored eight and Braun seven.

Key Player- Koi- 10.3ppg, 6.5rpg, 0.8apg, 0.5spg and 0.1bpg.

Betting tip: Pick Brisbane to win at $1.86 (Sportsbet)


Sunday, November 17

Sydney Kings

Sydney Kings v Illawarra Hawks

3pm AEDT
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Illawarra Hawks

Key Player- The Kings are raring and are in red hot form up in 1st place after their two wins this past round. Firstly they beat Brisbane by 10 points and the latest effort was a comprehensive 19 point, 104-85 smashing of the reigning champion Perth Wildcats. Q1 ended at 20-all. Q2 was 29-26 in the Kings favor. Q3 was 30-18 in their favour. And Q4 was also in their favor, 25-21. This was an all-round dominant performance from the NBL’s best side to date. Didi had a massive 28 points and Ware scored 23. Newley had 13 and Tate 12. And of the pine, Moller scored 10. Didi had seven threes! He also got six boards, two dimes and two steals. Ware had three assists, as well as a steal. Newley had five boards, two dimes and a swat. Tate shot a nice 5/7, to go along with eight rebounds, and a block and a steal each. And Moller had four boards and a dime as well in his awesome cameo of the bench.

The Hawks, are the complete opposite of their Sydney rivals at the moment, as they reside in last and 9th place on the table. They have just two wins from nine games this season. And with LaMelo looking to carry the team, it looks like it’s gonna be another long year for Hawks fans. However, just their 2nd win of the season, was in fact their last game played, as they overcame the Taipans by 10 points, 101-91. They won the 1st and 2nd q’s. 22-21 and 37-24. They lost the 3rd by four points, 23-19 and the 4th was a draw at 23 points all. Ball was massive as he had 24 points. His other stats included, six boards, eight dimes, three steals and a block! Andersen scored 17 as he wound back the clock and Blanchfield had 12. And of the pine, Dech had 21 and Boone 15. Andersen shot 8/11 as he also had eight boards, two dimes and a steal. Dech had five rebounds, five assists and a steal next to his name. Blanchfield got five rebounds and two assists as well. And Boone’s other stats included nine boards, one assist, one steal and one swat.

Key Player- Newley- 12.7ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.7apg, 0.6spg and 0.2bpg.

Betting tip: Pick Sydney to win at $1.13 (Bluebet, Bet365, Unibet)


Perth Wildcats

Perth Wildcats v New Zealand Breakers

5pm AEDT
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New Zealand Breakers

Perth’s latest effort, before their demoralizing 19 point loss to the Kings, was a five point, 84-79 win over the Breakers. Perth lost the first two q’s, 19-15 and 22-20. But they came back strong in the 2nd half to win the final two, 31-21 and 18-17. They just scraped by with the narrowest of margins. Hunt scored 21 points, White scored 18 points, Kay scored 13 points and Steindl scored 10 points. Cotton did shoot a dismal 2/13 from the court, but he did his best two make up for it with one rebound, seven assists and two steals. Hunt pulled in 11 rebounds, as he had a nice double-double. Outside of him, White had seven boards and three dimes next to his name. Kay had four rebounds and three assists as well. And Steindl of the bench, had two assists and a steal, as he shot a nice 4/6, 66.7%. They are currently 3rd, just two wins of the ladder-leading Kings.

The Breakers last game was a dismal effort on their behalf as they got smashed by SEM to the tune of a 25 point margin, 103-78. They won just the 2nd quarter in the piss-poor effort from New Zealand’s only NBL team, that was 31-24. Other then that, the scores were, 18-17, 29-14 and 32-16. So much for trying to make the finals?! Admittedly effecting them badly was Hampton being sent of just over four minutes into the match. Webster scored 22, Rice Jr had 19, Ashley had 17 and Henry got 11. Webster also had five rebounds and three assists. Rice Jr got two threes, along with seven rebounds, an assist and two steals. Ashley got 12 boards, one dime and two blocks. And Henry of the bench had five boards, eight dimes and two steals. They are just three wins of 4th spot, even though they reside in 7th, ahead of only Cairns and Illawarra.

Key Player- Rice Jr- 22.5ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.5spg and 0.0bpg.

Betting tip: Pick the Breakers to be victorious at $3.47 (Sportsbet)


Monday, November 18

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix v Adelaide 36ers

7:30pm AEDT
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Adelaide 36ers

Before their 25 point drubbing of NZ, SEM’s last match was a 12 point, 110-98 loss to Melbourne in the Derby. MEL won Q1, 32-26, They also won Q2, 23-16, Q3, went SEM’s way, 27-25. And MEL regained ascendancy again in the 4th, winning 30-29. Long killed SEM’s hopes in this one, as he posted 31 points and 11 rebounds, in a massive game for the former Breakers big man. Benson had 12 points of the bench for the Phoenix. He also had two rebounds and a block. Creek had 23 points as he shot 8/14, his other stats included, seven boards and seven dimes. Both Roberson and Madgen had 16 points each as well. And Stephens scored nine. Roberson had five rebounds, two assists and a steal. Madgen had four boards, two dimes and a steal. SEM are currently 2nd with an incredible 4-1 home win-loss record. They’ll be gunning to close the gap on the 1st placed Kings in this one, no doubt.

Before Adelaide’s embarrassing 19 point loss to Melbourne, they were a lot more clinical and a lot more stronger in their 98-96 loss to Sydney. The 36ers had a few chances right at the end to win it, but they couldn’t quite hold on in Jerome Randle’s match-up against his former side. He had 23 points against his former side, while Bruce had seven vs his of the bench, along with four boards. Randle also had four boards, four dimes and two steals, as he did his best to will his side to what would’ve been the unlikeliest of victories at home for him and his 36ers side. Moore also scored 18 and Johnson 17. Drmic had 11 points, while both Griffin and Froling had 10 each as well. Moore had six boards, two dimes and two steals. Johnson had a double-double with 11 boards and a dime. Drmic had a massive 15 rebounds, as well as an assist and two steals. Griffin had two rebounds, an assist and two steals. Whilst Froling got two boards, two dimes and a steal. ADL won Q1, 24-12. They lost Q2, 33-19. They also lost Q3, 24-17, But they came back strong to win the 4th, 26-17. And OT resulted in an unfortunate 12-10 loss to them. Hence the tight and extremely competitive two point and somewhat costly defeat. They are currently in 6th spot and only two wins of a finals position.

Key Player- Drmic- 10.1pg, 6.0rpg, 2.0apg, 1.7spg and 0.0bpg.

Betting tip: Pick Adelaide to be victorious at $2.99 (Sportsbet)

Best Bet of the Round

Pick Sydney to win at $1.13 (Bluebet, Bet365, Unibet) vs the Hawks

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