BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register


The Australian Government has launched an excellent initiative called BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register. This service enables you to block your access to all licensed Australian gambling providers, both online and by phone.

Until now, all you could do was restrict your access to individual bookmakers. The obvious flaw to this approach was you could circumvent your own self-imposed restrictions by wagering with another bookmaker.

BetStop is genuinely useful because it provides a one-stop tool to create a self-imposed blanket ban that applies to every operator in the country.

Once you register, online and phone gambling providers will be unable able to:

  • let you place a bet
  • let you open a new betting account
  • send you marketing messages

All wagering providers must close any existing accounts if you self-exclude. If you want to recommence gambling, you will have to open a new account.

You can also nominate someone you know to support you while you are self-excluded. You can nominate up to five people to support you.

BetStop also provides information about other gambling support services.

How long does self-exclusion last?

You can apply to cancel your self-exclusion after the first 3 months through your account. To cancel, you must complete a statutory declaration to confirm you have seen a counsellor or a general practitioner to discuss your decision to cancel your self-exclusion. You will be removed from BetStop seven days after they have received your completed cancellation application. If you have a support person, BetStop will also notify them. You can withdraw your application to cancel at any time during this period if you change your mind.

You can also extend your self-exclusion at any time through your account. BetStop will let you know before your exclusion period ends and ask if you wish to extend.

How to register

You can register on the BetStop Sign Up page. It takes just a few minutes.

You will need to provide a mobile phone number, email address and the details of either an Australian driver’s licence OR a Medicare card.

If you require any assistance, or wish to use an identity document other than a driver’s licence or Medicare card, you can call 1800 238 786.

Once registered you will be self-excluded from all online and phone wagering providers licensed in Australia.

If you know someone who suffers from gambling issues

You cannot sign someone up to BetStop on their behalf. If someone in your life would benefit from self-exclusion, you can discuss it with them and/or seek further help at Gambling Help Online.

Learn more

To learn more, visit BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register.


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