2010 FIFA World Cup Wallchart with Fixtures Listed in AEST

2018 Version

Click here to view the 2018 FIFA World Cup wallchart

After looking around and not finding what I was looking for, I have created a simple wallchart for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The wallchart consists of two A4 sheets that you can put on your fridge door or pin board at your office desk. All fixture times are AEST. A start time with a red star means the game will be aired live on SBS Two. The remaining fixtures will be aired live on SBS One. You can view the full SBS schedule, including all replay times, using the following link:
SBS 2010 FIFA World Cup Schedule (PDF – 120KB).

Note that the start times listed are the SBS coverage start times. To get the kickoff times, add 30 minutes to the start time. A couple of exceptions to this are the World Cup final and first match between South Africa and Mexico, which will start one hour after the coverage commences.

Links are provided below for a PDF version and the original Excel file. Screen shots of the wallchart are also provided.

Please note that I created this primarily for my own use, so you can rely on the dates and times at your own risk! Let me know if there are any errors, and I’ll make an updated version available.

Version 1.0:
2010 FIFA World Cup Wallchart (PDF – 41 KB)
2010 FIFA World Cup Wallchart (Excel – 473 KB)


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