2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Wallchart – Supports all Time Zones

A printable wallchart is available for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. It supports every time zone in Australia as well as around the world. The wallchart isn’t full of graphics so it won’t waste printer ink.

The wallchart is designed to be printed as two A4 sheets. The first sheet provides the group stage fixtures and the second sheet displays the knockout stage, which consists of the round of 16 through to the final.

2018 FIFA World Cup wallchart page 1 screenshot
2018 FIFA World Cup wallchart page 2 screenshot

For those using Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) you can simply download the PDF copy of the wallchart.

The file is also available as an Excel spreadsheet with a drop down menu that enables you to change the fixture dates and times simply by selecting the time zone of your choosing. All time zones around the world are supported, including Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) and Australian Central Standard Time (ACST). Even the likes of Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island are supported.

The Group Stage sheet highlights which fixtures will be aired live on SBS, but at the time of creation the broadcast schedule for the 25th, 27th and 28th of June hadn’t been finalised. See the SBS World Cup Schedule to get the latest updates.

Download the wallchart

Links are provided below for a PDF version (AEST) and the original Excel file, which enables you to change the time zone before printing.

If you download the Excel version you can also change the design and layout to suit your needs. The only condition of use is you don’t make any copy of the file or any variant of it available to the public. It is designed for your personal use only.

Version 1.0:

How to change the time zone

In the Group Stage sheet, scroll down to row 53 and change the value of the cell highlighted in yellow. When you select the cell a drop down icon will appear to the right of it. Use the drop down menu to select a different time zone.

Time zones supported

The 2018 FIFA World Cup wallchart supports the following time zones:

[UTC – 12] Baker Island Time
[UTC – 11] Niue Time, Samoa Standard Time
[UTC – 10] Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time, Cook Island Time
[UTC – 9:30] Marquesas Islands Time
[UTC – 9] Alaska Standard Time, Gambier Island Time
[UTC – 8] Pacific Standard Time
[UTC – 7] Mountain Standard Time
[UTC – 6] Central Standard Time
[UTC – 5] Eastern Standard Time
[UTC – 4:30] Venezuelan Standard Time
[UTC – 4] Atlantic Standard Time
[UTC – 3:30] Newfoundland Standard Time
[UTC – 3] Amazon Standard Time, Central Greenland Time
[UTC – 2] Fernando de Noronha Time, South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands Time
[UTC – 1] Azores Standard Time, Cape Verde Time, Eastern Greenland Time
[UTC] Western European Time, Greenwich Mean Time
[UTC + 1] Central European Time, West African Time
[UTC + 2] Eastern European Time, Central African Time
[UTC + 3] Moscow Standard Time, Eastern African Time
[UTC + 3:30] Iran Standard Time
[UTC + 4] Gulf Standard Time, Samara Standard Time
[UTC + 4:30] Afghanistan Time
[UTC + 5] Pakistan Standard Time, Yekaterinburg Standard Time
[UTC + 5:30] Indian Standard Time, Sri Lanka Time
[UTC + 5:45] Nepal Time
[UTC + 6] Bangladesh Time, Bhutan Time, Novosibirsk Standard Time
[UTC + 6:30] Cocos Islands Time, Myanmar Time
[UTC + 7] Indochina Time, Krasnoyarsk Standard Time
[UTC + 8] Chinese Standard Time, Australian Western Standard Time, Irkutsk Standard Time
[UTC + 8:45] Southeastern Western Australia Standard Time
[UTC + 9] Japan Standard Time, Korea Standard Time, Chita Standard Time
[UTC + 9:30] Australian Central Standard Time
[UTC + 10] Australian Eastern Standard Time, Vladivostok Standard Time
[UTC + 10:30] Lord Howe Standard Time
[UTC + 11] Solomon Island Time, Magadan Standard Time
[UTC + 11:30] Norfolk Island Time
[UTC + 12] New Zealand Time, Fiji Time, Kamchatka Standard Time
[UTC + 12:45] Chatham Islands Time
[UTC + 13] Tonga Time, Phoenix Islands Time
[UTC + 14] Line Island Time

2018 FIFA World Cup odds comparison

You can compare bookmaker odds for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the odds section.


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