Excel Betting Tracker v2.01 Released

Version 2.01 of the Excel Betting Tracker has been released. As a result of numerous requests, the workbook now supports the filtering of betting data by tipster/capper. Punters who don’t require this feature can simply use version 2.0 instead.

The new version contains the following additional updates:

  • Ability to filter betting data by tipster/capper. Punters who subscribe to tipping services can now track performance for each service separately.
  • Changes to the Settings worksheet instructions.

Click here to learn more about the spreadsheet.

Download – Excel 2007 and Onwards (.xlsx)

[Excel icon]     Betting Tracker v2.01 (1.9 MB)
Betting Tracker v2.01 (Euro version) (1.9 MB)
Betting Tracker v2.01 (British Pound version) (1.9 MB)


For those who use Excel 2003 or earlier, version 1.10 of the spreadsheet is still available:

Download – Excel 1997-2003 (.xls)

[Excel icon]     Betting Tracker v1.10 (4.8 MB)
Betting Tracker v1.10 (Euro version) (4.8 MB)

Betting Tracker v1.10 (British Pound version) (4.8 MB)


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