FIFA 2014 World Cup – Schedule and Wallchart

2018 Version

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After looking around and not quite finding what I was looking for, I have created a simple wallchart for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The wallchart consists of two A4 sheets that you can put on your fridge, etc. All fixture times are AEST. Most fixtures, including every knockout game, will be aired on SBS One, while SBS 2 will be used for concurrent matches at the end of the group stage. You can view the full SBS schedule here:

SBS 2014 FIFA World Cup Schedule (PDF file)

Note that the start times listed on the above file are the SBS coverage start times, not the fixture start times, which all start on the hour mark.

Simple Wallchart

Links are provided below for a PDF version and the original Excel file. Screen shots of the wallchart are shown to the right.

Please note that I created this primarily for my own use, so you can rely on the dates and times at your own risk! Let me know if there are any errors and I’ll make an updated version available.

Version 1.0:

2014 FIFA World Cup Wallchart (PDF – 145 KB)
2014 FIFA World Cup Wallchart (Excel – 43 KB)

Match Schedule

The table below lists the match schedule for the World Cup. All dates and times are AEST. You can view the official schedule on the FIFA World Cup website.

Group Match # Team Opponent Date (AUS) Time (AEST) City
A 1 Brazil Croatia 13-Jun-14 06:00 São Paulo
A 2 Mexico Cameroon 14-Jun-14 02:00 Natal
B 3 Spain Netherlands 14-Jun-14 05:00 Salvador
B 4 Chile Australia 14-Jun-14 08:00 Cuiabá
C 5 Colombia Greece 15-Jun-14 02:00 Belo Horizonte
C 6 Côte d’Ivoire Japan 15-Jun-14 11:00 Recife
D 7 Uruguay Costa Rica 15-Jun-14 05:00 Fortaleza
D 8 England Italy 15-Jun-14 08:00 Manaus
E 9 Switzerland Ecuador 16-Jun-14 02:00 Brasília
E 10 France Honduras 16-Jun-14 05:00 Porto Alegre
F 11 Argentina Bosnia and Herzegovina 16-Jun-14 08:00 Rio de Janeiro
F 12 Iran Nigeria 17-Jun-14 05:00 Curitiba
G 13 Germany Portugal 17-Jun-14 02:00 Salvador
G 14 Ghana USA 17-Jun-14 08:00 Natal
H 15 Belgium Algeria 18-Jun-14 02:00 Belo Horizonte
H 16 Russia South Korea 18-Jun-14 08:00 Cuiabá
A 17 Brazil Mexico 18-Jun-14 05:00 Fortaleza
A 18 Cameroon Croatia 19-Jun-14 08:00 Manaus
B 19 Spain Chile 19-Jun-14 05:00 Rio de Janeiro
B 20 Australia Netherlands 19-Jun-14 02:00 Porto Alegre
C 21 Colombia Côte d’Ivoire 20-Jun-14 02:00 Brasília
C 22 Japan Greece 20-Jun-14 08:00 Natal
D 23 Uruguay England 20-Jun-14 05:00 São Paulo
D 24 Italy Costa Rica 21-Jun-14 02:00 Recife
E 25 Switzerland France 21-Jun-14 05:00 Salvador
E 26 Honduras Ecuador 21-Jun-14 08:00 Curitiba
F 27 Argentina Iran 22-Jun-14 02:00 Belo Horizonte
F 28 Nigeria Bosnia and Herzegovina 22-Jun-14 08:00 Cuiabá
G 29 Germany Ghana 22-Jun-14 05:00 Fortaleza
G 30 USA Portugal 23-Jun-14 08:00 Manaus
H 31 Belgium Russia 23-Jun-14 02:00 Rio de Janeiro
H 32 South Korea Algeria 23-Jun-14 05:00 Porto Alegre
A 33 Cameroon Brazil 24-Jun-14 06:00 Brasília
A 34 Croatia Mexico 24-Jun-14 06:00 Recife
B 35 Australia Spain 24-Jun-14 02:00 Curitiba
B 36 Netherlands Chile 24-Jun-14 02:00 São Paulo
C 37 Japan Colombia 25-Jun-14 06:00 Cuiabá
C 38 Greece Côte d’Ivoire 25-Jun-14 06:00 Fortaleza
D 39 Italy Uruguay 25-Jun-14 02:00 Natal
D 40 Costa Rica England 25-Jun-14 02:00 Belo Horizonte
E 41 Honduras Switzerland 26-Jun-14 06:00 Manaus
E 42 Ecuador France 26-Jun-14 06:00 Rio de Janeiro
F 43 Nigeria Argentina 26-Jun-14 02:00 Porto Alegre
F 44 Bosnia and Herzegovina Iran 26-Jun-14 02:00 Salvador
G 45 USA Germany 27-Jun-14 02:00 Recife
G 46 Portugal Ghana 27-Jun-14 02:00 Brasília
H 47 South Korea Belgium 27-Jun-14 06:00 São Paulo
H 48 Algeria Russia 27-Jun-14 06:00 Curitiba
of 16
49 Winner Group A Runner-up Group B 29-Jun-14 02:00 Belo Horizonte
of 16
50 Winner Group C Runner-up Group D 29-Jun-14 06:00 Rio de Janeiro
of 16
51 Winner Group B Runner-up Group A 30-Jun-14 02:00 Fortaleza
of 16
52 Winner Group D Runner-up Group C 30-Jun-14 06:00 Recife
of 16
53 Winner Group E Runner-up Group F 1-Jul-14 02:00 Brasília
of 16
54 Winner Group G Runner-up Group H 1-Jul-14 06:00 Porto Alegre
of 16
55 Winner Group F Runner-up Group E 2-Jul-14 02:00 São Paulo
of 16
56 Winner Group H Runner-up Group G 2-Jul-14 06:00 Salvador
QF 57 Winner Match 49 Winner Match 50 5-Jul-14 06:00 Fortaleza
QF 58 Winner Match 53 Winner Match 54 5-Jul-14 02:00 Rio de Janeiro
QF 59 Winner Match 51 Winner Match 52 6-Jul-14 06:00 Salvador
QF 60 Winner Match 55 Winner Match 56 6-Jul-14 02:00 Brasília
SF 61 Winner Match 57 Winner Match 58 9-Jul-14 06:00 Belo Horizonte
SF 62 Winner Match 59 Winner Match 60 10-Jul-14 06:00 São Paulo
63 Loser Match 61 Loser Match 62 13-Jul-14 06:00 Brasília
Final 64 Winner Match 61 Winner Match 62 14-Jul-14 05:00 Rio de Janeiro


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