WinnersBet Review

WinnersBet review

A review of the bookmaker WinnersBet has been published. This comprehensive review is part of a series on betting agencies that are suitable for Australians. All reviews form part of the Bookmaker Reviews section on this website. A full survey of betting agencies can be found in the Betting Agencies section.

In summary, WinnersBet is a new Australian-owned bookmaker that is taking on the large foreign-owned operators that are licensed in Australia. The highlight of the service is the incredibly fast and intuitive interface, while its current drawback is the lack of markets per sporting fixture. The racing service is fully-featured and we did observe racing selections at higher fixed odds than other bookmakers. This makes WinnersBet worth considering for those who like to shop around for odds and for those who like to use an Australian-owned service.

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2 Responses to "WinnersBet Review"

  1. I tried placing a sports bet (my FIRST bet with them)…….my bet was rejected……received an email later on that no sporting bets would be accepted. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avoid these people at all costs

    They are plain criminals

    I won over 2000 over 2 days with exotic betting and they then removed the option to put on exotics

    Absolutely disgusting


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